How Do Crystals Get Their Colour?

How Do Crystals Get Their Colour?

Crystals are one of the most beautiful things found on the planet. These crystals are found in a wide variety of colours that mesmerize us in every sense. There are colourless crystals like Quartz.
However, colour is not always the indicator of a crystals identity. Calcite can be a wide variety of colours like green, blue, yellow, red and colourless. So, have you ever wondered how crystals get their colours?
Colours do have an influence on the human mind and this has been known since ancient ages. We see “red” when we are angry and red inspires us to action. We are “blue” when we are sad while the yellow colour warms us.
Green is the colour which slows us down both mentally as well as physically. There are certain elements inside this crystal that impart specific colours to the crystals.
For example, lead usually gives a red colour in minerals such as Crocoite & Vanadinite. Chromium usually imparts a green colour to minerals such as Mtorolite. Magnesium usually gives pink colour in minerals such as Rhodochrosite and Rhodonite.
The ability of other minerals to incorporate themselves into minerals structure allows for a variety of colours to be achieved like Calcite. Amethyst is a coloured form of quartz that gets its purple colour from the presence of iron.
Aquamarine is a blue variety of the mineral beryl. The pale blue colour comes from iron. Emerald is another form beryl, this time in a green colour due to the presence of both iron and titanium.
Garnet gets its deep red colour from iron. However, the presence of iron imparts yellow-green colour to peridot. Ruby is the name given to gemstone quality corundum that is pink to red in colour.
This colour comes from the presence of chromium. These wonderful crystals are marvels of nature & their colours are what make them so unique. The fundamental meanings of colours have been present in the wisdom of all cultures, but are often confusing or misinterpreted. 

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