How the Orgone Chakra Rainbow Energy Necklace is Made?

November 30, 2018

How the Orgone Chakra Rainbow Energy Necklace is Made?

Orgone energy has existed for over a thousand years and it is considered to be the same life force that we also know as chi or prana. This energy helps us lead a better life, with our energy balanced and positive vibes flowing through.

This invisible energy has brought about lots of changes in life for lots of people. Even during the earlier days, it was ‘anonymously’ witnessed that orgone had power, the sort of power that would influence our life. For the best products that balance your energy and fills your life with positivity, you can always purchase from Orgonite Crystals.

Orgonite Crystals is an online store that provides the best orgone products like pyramidspendantsnecklacebraceletsdodecahedronsobeliskscrystal gift sets  and so on. We use the best products and genuine materials so that our products work the best and lift up your spirits. So, today we shall look at how one of our products is made.

The product that we are so eager to speak about is the Orgone Chakra Rainbow Energy Necklace.  This is an awesome orgone necklace product that is designed according to the principles propagated by Wilhelm Reich and his followers. It was in the 2000s that the original orgonite idea was improved and it was done by adding crystals to a resin-metal mix.

In this product, there is an outer conductive layer and inside we can see a mix of crystals that provide various benefits to the wearers. One among them is the Amethyst crystal, violet in color. This crystal is able to provide spiritual protection, purification of the soul and offer peace to the wearer. Next comes the Indigo crystal onyx, which has a cooling effect and enhances self-control.

Then comes the Aquarimine crystal onyx, blue in color, and representing the idea of faith, caring and encouraging happiness. The Green crystal onyx that comes next refreshes us and bears good fortune. Next comes the Yellow crystal onyx that warms the wearer and stimulates in them wise decision making. With this, you would hardly take a misstep.

The Orange crystal onyx represents joyfulness and a better emotional self. Happy times would indeed better your life. Then comes the Red crystal onyx, the hot one, that helps the wearer be animated and his life energized.

This is how the Orgone Chakra Rainbow Energy Necklace is made and how it influences your life. You can purchase this necklace from Orgonite Crystals for $29.95, as opposed to its original price of $64.90. With this deal, you can save 53% or $34.95 to be precise. You can also buy 2 for $59.90 and get 1 absolutely free. When you buy 3 for $89.85, you can get 2 absolutely free.

Purchase the Orgone Chakra Rainbow Energy Necklace here and fill your life and your loved ones too, with positive energy. Visit Orgonite Crystals online store now!


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