How To Buy Ruby: The Definitive Buying Guide

How To Buy Ruby: The Definitive Buying Guide

Ruby is a red variety of the mineral corundum and is one of the most expensive gemstones. It is also one of the most durable gems with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale.
High-quality rubies are mined from Burma, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Kenya, and Vietnam. While determining the quality of a ruby, its colour is the most important aspect.
When choosing energy stones, be sure to evaluate each of these colour characteristics.The primary hue of ruby should be read, however, this healing stone also exhibits other hues such as orange and red. Valuable rubies have medium darkness i.e. they do not appear black.
So, while buying rubies, look for the ones that are not too light or too dark. When it comes to the quality of this gemstone, it is always expected that this gemstone will have some inclusions inside it.
However, you need to ensure that they are as few as possible. The highest quality rubies will not have any flaws visible to the naked eye. Most rubies in the market today will have some form of enhancement done to them, whether to enhance their colour or offer clarity in the healing stone.
Common treatment includes filling rubies with material that masks their inclusions and makes stone transparent. They are also coated with substances that make their surface flaws less visible.
As a rule of thumb, the naturally occurring rubies are far more expensive than the ones cheaper than them. Rubies are often found in less than one or two carats. Rubies larger than this are very rare and would, therefore, be very expensive.
Due to their vibrant colours and elegant look, small rubies can be utilized in a unique way to provide glamour to jewelry. While buying a ruby, try to know about its origin.
Though rubies are mined in a lot of countries, those from Myanmar (also known as Burma) have always been valued as the finest of rubies. An unheated Burmese ruby can cost almost $ 1Million dollar in an auction.
Always buy a ruby that comes with a certificate that proves its authenticity & origin. Also, ask about the treatments ruby has undergone. Being one of the most valued stones in the world, ruby has a special place in the jewelry industry & which is why utmost care should be taken while opting for this stone.

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