How to protect yourself from 5G this 2019

How to protect yourself from 5G this 2019

The most recent supposed technological improvement presented by the system is the 5G. This will not only improve connection speeds and turn cities into smart cities of the new world order, but it will also have a detrimental effect on our health. In the United States, wireless companies have already installed more than 300,000 new 5g antennas. The goal is clear, to become zombies and cities in smart cities of the new world order. In this article, the truth will set us free gives us some advice to reduce our exposure to these electromagnetic fields to which we are already being subjected.

5G frequencies, the new frontier for mass hyper-communication and ubiquitous communication. An exponential increase in radio frequencies is expected (up to 61 V / m) and tens of thousands of new antennas also in the countryside and parks. To denounce the possible repercussions on the environment and health of an unprecedented millimeter-sized tsunami of microwaves.

To manage millions of devices connected simultaneously over 10 gigabits per second, the new infrastructures is preparing to install include "the implementation of small cells" (i.e. small antennas whose number is ignored intensity of the electric field) which will be added to the current wireless networks used by the Telecom group (a total of 17,000 operating sites).

What to do then? How to defend yourself from electromagnetic waves, how to protect yourself from electro smog, how to reclaim homes and offices from electromagnetic fields? how to defend yourself from new antennas? Are there solutions to the 5G problem?

Yes, there are solutions for shielding from electromagnetic waves including 5G.

Due to the very high frequencies, very thick shielding materials are required, in the form of metal plates, conductive materials such as Faraday cage that present problems as explained in this article: Conductivity of Faraday cage electromagnetic shielding, earthing system and shielding of the patented non-conductive electrosmog.

The fabrics, on the other hand, due to their versatility, are those that simplify the installations and allow the creation of curtains, screened walls, canopies, and ungrounded clothing. In particular, the Non-conductive and ungrounded fabric, which is more performing and long-lasting, is the certified 5G.

Eliminating electromagnetic waves in the home using shielding materials from electromagnetic waves and certified shielding fabrics is feasible. A repeater for mobile telephones on the building opposite creates high-frequency electromagnetic fields, microwaves (GSM, UMTS, 4G, 5G) and with an appropriate electromagnetic shielding can reach 90% of the electrosmog attenuation. There are no electro-smog remedies other than an electromagnetic shield that can be verified with instruments suitable for measuring electromagnetic fields and to confirm that with the protection installed the field values have been reduced. Typically, the electromagnetic control measurement performed with the shielding curtain open and closed.                                      

- It is very dense with 0.55mm warp and weft and 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Radio, TV, Radar fencing.

- It is a multi-filament; each yarn has 3 or more stainless shielding filaments incorporated.

- Has 10% shielding metallic filament.

- It lasts for many years.


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