How to Take Proper Care of Your Stone?

How to Take Proper Care of Your Stone?

How to Take Proper Care of Your Stone?

People who are new to crystal healing and collecting often have this question. Because those who have been doing this for a while will have you believe that there is a not of sentience in these shining pieces of rocks, and proper care is the only way you can get them to keep providing their healing energy.
Well if you’re confused, you have stumbled upon the right place, because today we’ll discuss in depth all the various ways that you can employ to cleanse, energize, or activate your crystals.
Crystals often travel long distances from their origin to your hands. In this journey, they are introduced to a lot of energies. All these energies need to be washed away before you can start connecting with your crystal. Also, when you’ve been using a crystal for a while, it might need a little cleansing to be re-energized and do its job better. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Running Water

Water is one of the best grounding energies in the world. Running water is said to wash the negative energies right off your crystal and take them with itself back into the ground. This practice is best when done with a natural running water stream, but under a faucet works fine as well. This is best for hard stones like all the Quartzes. This is however not ideal for soft and brittle stones like Selenite and Kyanite.

Salt Water

salt water
Saltwater is known historically to absorb negative energies and dispel negativity. This is again best done when near a natural source like an ocean, but collecting some water in a bowl and mixing it with a table or rock salt also works. Just rinse your crystal in the brine for a few hours or a few days depending on the crystal. This is again a good practice to cleanse hard crystals like Quartzes but bad for soft or porous stones, especially the ones that contain a trace amount of metals in them like malachite and Selenite.

Brown Rice

This is a good method to draw out negative energies in a safe and controlled setting. This is the best way of cleansing for protection stones like black tourmaline. To conduct this process, just fill a deep bowl with brown rice and bury your stones in it. It’s important to immediately dispose of this rice because it has absorbed the negative energy of the stone.

Natural Light

Natural light refers to both sunlight and moonlight. Different stones can charge themselves using different natural light. For moonlight charging, the lunar cycle and the size of the moon in the sky plays a vital role. This method is suitable for most tumbled stones.

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