How To Tell If Ametrine Is Real

How To Tell If Ametrine Is Real

Ametrine is a beautiful gemstone that forms a perfect blend of amethyst and citrine. The strong healing energies release negativity from your aura and aid in weight loss as well as help you to release your actions.
This stone helps to enhance mental and spiritual clarity and unites the masculine and feminine energies inside a person.
There are sellers who sell genuine and natural ametrine to their customers but there are still a few in this world who sell fakes and hence it becomes necessary to identify them.
So, how do you tell if ametrine is real or not?
Ametrine is a transparent gemstone that has very few flaws. This naturally occurring gemstone may possess little stress flaws around the colour change zone but the rest would have clarity. A fake Ametrine can be easily identified as it has too many flaws which are easily visible to the naked eye.
For starters, in the case of ametrine, it is very essential to know how Ametrine comes into existence naturally. When quartz containing high iron impurities is exposed to different temperatures, it results in oxidation.
The 50% of the quartz bears high temperature on its surface while the rest 50% slightly cool temperature. In this way, quartz balances the two extreme temperature’s intensity at the time of crystallization. Thus, ametrine is formed.
A gemologist needs only to find the direction of the optic axis to determine whether an ametrine is natural or synthetic. The optic axis in a uniaxial gemstone can be found with a polariscope that has a colonoscope lens and, on occasion, with a refractometer.
Genuine ametrine emits lovely purple colour of amethyst and yellow colour of citrine. There can be a slight variation in the shades but the basic colour has to be purple and yellow only.
While selecting this gemstone, please look for a fine colour split and bright intensity of the two colours. Naturally, occurring ametrine would consist of random colours that exhibit the effect of the mixing colours. More clear the colour zone, the better is the quality of the gem and the more authentic it is.
It is believed that ametrine balances the metaphysical properties of amethyst and citrine. It is believed to develop creativity, self-confidence and emotional stability. You should try wearing natural ametrine to come close to natural beauty and divine power.

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