How to use crystals for yoga?

Bringing crystals, gems and precious stones into your practice can help bring a new world of intentions, energies and powers into your life.

From creating positive change to manifesting intentions, to giving you protection, heightened intuition and a deeper sense of compassion and unconditional love - these little beauties can help you to go deeper and get clearer. Many people choose to incorporate healing crystals or gemstones in order to achieve a more personalized practice.

Yoga has been a popular practice for centuries due to the many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits it can yield in one’s life.


You can place your crystals and precious stones around your mat as you practice. You can also choose to meditate directly with one of your favourite crystals. If there is a specific stone that you are attracted to or needing right now, carry it around somehow with you on the go (in your pocket, in your bag) or maybe choose to wear it as an accessory, a pendant, a necklace, a bracelet or just a natural crystal stone.

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The world of crystals is pretty much unlimited. There are thousands of crystals available and there are probably hundreds of different ways to use them.

Some of the most followed practices to use these crystals for yoga include the following methods:

  • Place crystals for yoga around your yoga mat.
  • Create an altar of crystals that you can gaze upon while you perform yoga poses.
  • Choose orgonite crystals accessories during your yoga practice. It can worn or kept besides you while performing yoga
  • Place a large amethyst geode in the room where you practice yoga.
  • Hold small crystals in your hands during any poses that will allow it.

The crystals for yoga practise that are most used are rose quartz, hematite, clear quartz, citrine and amethyst.


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