Jasper: Absorb Negativity, and Detox the Right Way!

Jasper: Absorb Negativity, and Detox the Right Way!

Jasper: Absorb Negativity and Detox The Right Way!

Jasper is an elemental earth stone that has a myriad of different variations in which it is found. The artistry of this stone is that it has no two pieces that are identical. Its bold and primitive visual style makes it suitable for people with similar personalities. Its frequency of vibration is slow and constant, and in alignment with the electromagnetic energy of the planet.
To understand a piece of Jasper well, one must spend some time in isolation with it to let it connect you to the universe. When the right person picks up a piece of jasper, they can feel a sense of harmony with every and all living things, in a sort of cosmic connection.
Its elemental connection to the earth gives Japer a bunch of valuable qualities like providing security and strength, healing powers, comfort, stability, slow-moving machismo, and a sense of wholeness and peace.
It summons a voice from within that reminds people that they are not alone on this physical plane. It reminds people that bringing joy to others is the most fulfilling feeling of them all.
During ancient times, Jasper was used by a lot of people of significance to protect them from negative energies. Even today, Jasper is well known to keep negative energies at bay, promoting growth and harmony for its wearer. It was a very important stone, used for creating cylinder seals and other talismans to bury with the dead.
Jasper crystal
In Egyptian culture, scriptures from the book of dead were engraved on amulets that were mummified with dead pharaohs. It was also featured on the Jewish high priest’s breastplate as the 12th stone. For Native Americans, it is worshipped as the stone of the rain god, and is used to bring luck for a good harvest.
As mentioned before, Jasper is present naturally in a wide variety, each with its own significance, and no 2 pieces alike. This also means that there is no definite color in which Jasper is found. It is another descendant of the Quartz family that is found in varying colors.
Jasper should be tried by everyone who has complained of feeling negative energies in their life. Jasper is just the solution they need! It absorbs negativity and protects its aura.

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