Keeping your orgonite crystals clean and purified

Orgonite has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool, and as protection against electromagnetic pollution (EMF). These subtle energy tools interact and transform orgone or life energy. In order to understand how it works, we need to explain what orgone is.

 Orgone means Prana, life force, Jeev, Chi, and ether. The Chakra Crystal Orgone Reiki Infused Pyramids are made up of natural crystals and earth metals in resin. ... This power symbol is used to increase the power of Reiki. It's also used for protection.

 If one uses Orgonite Crystals for any kind of healing work or meditation, you should cleanse your crystals after every session. 

Why must you cleanse orgonite crystals? 

Sometimes one takes their orgonite crystals (can be of any form: orgone pyramid, orgone necklace, orgonite necklace, orgonite pendant to name a few amongst them) to the waters to cleanse them. This removes any negative energy there in the crystal.

Why cleanse orgonite?

Some say an orgonite crystal never needs to be cleansed, and I totally disagree. Completely!

When dealing with any metaphysical tools there is always the risk of picking up something you don’t want. We live in a spiritual world, with light and dark entities that can become attracted to our energy. Orgonite is made up of crystals and crystals need to be cleansed too.

 Here are three simple ways that I like to cleanse my orgone pyramids and orgonite pendant.


Water is one of the best cleansers you can use for your metaphysical tools, and orgonite is no exception!

How to cleanse with water

Prefer to use water from nature. Water in the3 form of ocean water, spring water, lake water, and filtered water all work well in removing unwanted energy from your orgone crystals.

This method involves some visualization, so make sure you are in a relaxed state before attempting.

All you have to do is pour water over your orgonite crystal, while holding the intention in your mind to clear away all previous intentions set onto it.

Visualize it being cleansed and shining light into it. Submerging under water also works well. You can cleanse it for as long as you wish, but cleaning it for about 15 to 30 seconds can be considered enough.


Moonlight cleanses crystals and orgonite too!

How to cleanse with moonlight

The best time to cleanse your orgonite crystal is when there is a full moon. When the moon is full, it is at the brightest. At this point of time, the energy is strongest. Place your orgonite crystals under the moonlight over the night and let Luna’s cleansing vibes take over.

You can simply leave your crystals in the windowsill, or leave them outside overnight.


Sage is one of the most popular ways to cleanse all of your metaphysical tools, and Orgonite is no exception!

How to cleanse with sage

Not only will burning sage make your home smell wonderful. It will also clean up any stagnant energy from your orgonite. It’s actually my favourite way to cleanse all of my spiritual tools. Sage is a herb from the mint family, native to the Mediterranean region. Sage's botanical name comes from the Latin word "salvere" meaning to be saved. Cleansing with sage is easy. You can immerse your orgonite crystal in the smoke, and hold the intention to purify it. This is especially the best option for larger, harder to pick up orgonite.

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