Know all about 5G Towers and the ways in which they affect the Radiation Levels

April 06, 2019

Know all about 5G Towers and the ways in which they affect the Radiation Levels

After enjoying 4G, all eagerly awaiting the 5G network but its radiation has created the threat to the living organisms and it can take the life of anyone. In order to fully launch 5G, many leading companies in the technology sector are testing it on different standards.

5G technology is effective only at close range. It is transmitted poorly through solid material. Many new 5G towers will be installed with a large-scale implementation that will result in 5G towers near every house in urban areas, thus massively increasing the dangerous exposure to (RF) radiation.

With "the increasingly widespread use of wireless technologies", no one can avoid exposure to radio frequency (RF) Radiation which is emitted by all cell towers and is dangerous.

What is Cell Phone Towers Radiation?

  • Cell phone towers radiation is classified as non-ionization. Non-ionization radiation shows different types of electromagnetic radiation. If it is easy to put it in words, it means that the non-ionization radiation is released by any other form of energy. It does not ionize molecules which can cause more harmful radiation effects.
  • Scientists many parts of countries have expressed their "serious concerns" regarding the use of 5G towers because EMF generated by electrical and wireless devices are more dangerous than other towers. Today's cellular and Wi-Fi networks rely on microwaves, a type of electromagnetic radiation that uses frequencies up to 6 gigahertz (GHz) to transmit voice or data wirelessly. For decades, the telecommunications industry and governments have not invested enough money in studies on the safety of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio frequencies (RF), as well as their effects on human health.
  • The potential effects on human health of RF pollution have been ignored. It is not just the deployment of 5G networks that is worrying. Frequencies from Wi-Fi routers, wireless access points and mobile phones are also a serious threat, especially for children.
  • The low-intensity RF spectrum is dangerous for humans. Environmental exposures result in brain tumors and nerve cells in the heart. The mechanisms involved are not at the level of the skin in relation to thermal heat, such as exposure to the sun, but at the cellular level in all living organisms. The damage goes far beyond the human race, as there is increasing evidence of harmful effects for both animals as for plants.

How does Mobile Radiation affect your brain?

The WHO has said that microwaves also leave radiation as soon as towers. Using a microwave, you keep the things you want to heat on. The same happens with towers. That is, you are currently being influenced by non-ionization radiation.


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