Let’s explore the effects of Orgonite on Flora

Let’s explore the effects of Orgonite on Flora

Let’s explore the effects of Orgonite on Flora

Orgonite is made from resin, metal and quartz crystal. It transmits negative energy into positive energy and brings a positive change on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of life. It has a huge impact on everything around us and that includes people, animals, plants, environment. 

Orgone connects the entire universe and flows through everything. Due to Wilhelm Reich's discovery, orgone is found in two opposing states – one is the positive state, and the other is the harmful and negative state.

Orgonite reduces the harmful effects of negative appliances and helps with healing by influencing the body, mind, and spirit. Hence, it brings peace, joy, and produces healthy energies which create a positive environment that supports all forms of development.

Reich had conducted multiple experiments where he found that orgonites transmit negative energy into positive energy. It heals an organism, regulates the temperature, plant growth and animals and people. There is a lot of orgone energy from the atmosphere that is harvested and stored. This energy is like fuel and makes cells divide and grow through the leaves. If someone who knows and believes in them will always use orgone and its health benefits on plants.

Many experiments like those of Reich's have been conducted with orgones. Seeds were exposed to orgone for an hour, where growth in the yield by 50% was visible. There is also the cloudbuster machine which alters the weather using orgone technology.

It can be said that if orgones were found to increase budding, fruiting, and yields of plants, then it could be used to end world hunger. That way, plants will be more capable of producing more and hence feeding more people. The practice of genetic manipulation worries many, and hence this is a practice that doesn't add any chemicals or change the DNA of a plant. Hence, it becomes safer than genetic manipulation. Orgone energy can be used from anything, which can include sand, coal, and soil.

The working of this has been tested multiple times and hence it is important that you apply this life energy to plants after they start growing. However, orgonites are not scientifically tested, because no scientists consider them to be a part of science. Scientists have unfortunately shut down a path that could lead to the cure of many diseases. Research must be conducted on this and the results and efficiency will be awarded in the field of orgonites and healing

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