Malachite and The Ancient Egyptians

Malachite and The Ancient Egyptians

Malachite and The Ancient Egyptians

Malachite is a green copper ore that is found all around the world. It is revered and praised for its healing powers and metaphysical abilities, and classifies under a gemstone. It is formed when copper deposits and carbonates interact with each other to form these bright green to dark green ranged clusters of rocks.

They are not very hard rock, scoring only 3.4 – 4 on the Mohs hardness scale. This fragile nature makes them ideal for carving and turning into statues, tables, and whatnot. Another very recognizable feature of Malachite is the special contrasting webbing all over the stone. Because of its softness, it isn't very ideal for jewelry making, but Malachite is used for carving bowls, animals, etc., a lot.

The place where it was discovered and exploited was in ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt had a severe affection for the stone and used it for everything. It has spiritual significance for them and had divine connotations as well. It was worn as jewelry and used to make carving ornaments.
Malachite crystal

Around 4000 BC, it was excessively mined in the areas between Mt. Sinai and the Suez Canal. Egyptian culture is rich with religion and gods. They had a firm belief in their kings and deities. The hieroglyphs found in recent history suggest that Malachite was an essential part of their culture and was used to claim their deities' existence.

One common practice was engraving the image of the sun on the stone to ward off evil spirits and cast a spell of protection around the wearer. It was used in scarabs, amulets, and helmets to protect the wearer from malfeasance. Egyptians also braced their children with Malachite pieces to protect them from the same evil powers.
During the middle age, Malachite was believed to be very effective against physical diseases and to control symptoms like nausea and headaches. If a child needed dental work done in ancient times, a piece of malachite was hung around their neck, which was out of the belief that the spirits will look after the kid and ease its pain.
Malachite also has really nice benefits for emotional and mental healing. People who have recently gone through emotional trauma can start to find relief after connecting with Malachite. It helps the body in releasing bad energies that stem from negative emotions and painful memories.
It is a good way to excrete traumatic experiences out of your life and look forward to changing. It also has physical benefits like detoxifying the gall bladder and aid in childbirth for women.

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