Medusa Quartz: A Healing Crystal For Harmony

Medusa Quartz: A Healing Crystal For Harmony

Medusa Quartz is a very polarizing item. Unlike other gemstones that look beautiful and serene, the medusa quartz is often cloudy or banded, which is one of the features that makes a stone unique.
Medusa Quartz has mossy looking patches and you will notice irregular spots around the gem that are turquoise coloured. This colour is a result of the presence of a mineral called Gilalite.
While many people do not appreciate the aesthetics of this gemstone, you can appreciate the fact that it is a rare gem in nature.
Medusa Quartz is mined in Brazil, in the same location where you find Paraiba Tourmaline. This stone gets its name because of its formation which looks like the tentacles of a jellyfish.
You either love this gemstone or hate it, there is no middle ground. Many people believe that Medusa quartz has many benefits to the wearer. Since it is considered to be a water crystal, it gives the wearer a soothing feeling that can offer a great deal of comfort to them when they need it the most.
It also takes away any concerns that you might have. This crystal provides a sense of calm when you start to feel overwhelmed. These are the things that help give you better focus and allow you to take care of things that you need and want to do.
This stone can be very powerful in these fields on its own but when used in combination with a clear crystal, it creates a powerful combination that is very productive for your healing process.
There are very few people in this world who understand the unique nature of this gemstone while others are not able to comprehend its true meaning. The fact that it is a rare gem makes it a great crystal to possess.
It also offers some benefits in addition to being unique. This is the stone you should possess if you are looking for a unique gemstone.
It is a rare but tough gem that looks great in jewelry but also just to have as a crystal with healing properties. Do not underestimate this gem because it is one of the kind, just like the person who owns it.

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