Mental health worries? choose crystals

Mental health is about examining your habits and patterns, but beyond just your emotions or wounding. Crystals have long been used to promote a strong body, mental health and balanced mood. Some of the most innovative civilizations in history like the Egyptians and Romans believed that crystals have great power. If one is stuck in a bad mood, emotionally blocked, or mentally cloudy and exhausted crystals can help them heal their mental health.

Like emotional healing, mental health is about examining your habits and patterns, but beyond just your emotions and wounds. It can involve understanding life deeper, finding a sense of purpose values, needs, and confronting your inner shadow.

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Have a look at the various crystals used for good mental health.


If your relationships are causing you emotional distress, rose quartz can help you, as it is believed to facilitate the renewal of harmonious relationships and trust. This pinkish stone can also restore your mental well-being, particularly during times of sustained grief, frustration or stress.


Selenite can help quiet a racing mind and may bring clarity to those struggling with cloudy or foggy thoughts. Try holding Selenite while meditating or practicing yoga. Doing so can focus and enhance one’s practice by allowing one to empty their mind, set clear intentions and bring emotional balance and stability to the forefront.


When one is in need of comfort and uplifting during challenging times, jasper could be your go-to crystal. One’s mental wellness will be at risk if you cannot lift your spirit or nurture your soul. This smooth stone is believed to absorb negative feelings. At the same time, it may strengthen people's courage and confidence, qualities people need to get through tough times.


Smokey quartz is an inexpensive stone which has immense healing powers for stress. If one gets exhausted or tired, then this crystal can work to calm you down and channel one’s extra energy which is present in their chakras so that it gets eliminated from the body. So the energy which is left behind is only positive. Because of these qualities, quartz is considered wonderful in matters of anxiety and stress.


It is yet another wonderful crystal when it comes to various mental health issues. If you are fighting against poor self-esteem or dealing with mood swings, use this stone. Tiger’s eye has got great stabilizing power, which makes it the perfect companion stone.


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