Negate Fear with Tiger’s Eye

Negate Fear with Tiger’s Eye

Negate Fear with Tiger’s Eye

Fear is something that has become a part of the human psyche since we developed consciousness. Fear is a natural response to kick in our primal instincts of fight or flight. This feeling of dread is what is supposed to keep us alive in a natural world. But we no longer belong in the natural world. And during evolution, our primal instincts have been dulled; our response to fear has changed too.

We can now feel fear for the stupidest things that don't even matter in the longer run. The panic one feels when they think about the future is years down the line? Or the dread one feels on the thought of confronting a figure of authority? Or the fear of losing someone close even when there's nothing wrong?

These are a few examples of this natural response going awry in the last century. Since significant wars, famines, plagues, and depressions ended, humanity has managed to find new pathetic ways to be afraid of things. But with the help of nature's gifts, we can suppress this feeling and be more functional in our daily lives.
Tiger Eye

Nature's gift that we're talking about today is Tiger's Eye. Tiger's Eye is a gemstone crystal, which has been revered and feared throughout ancient history. It is known as the all-seeing, all-knowing Eye that enhances the third-eye chakra's powers to help you see things from a higher perspective.

When you have a better grip on your feelings, you can make better decisions and be more peaceful in your headspace. It was a go-to crystal for kings and tyrants, and it was a stone for roman warriors to wear in a battle to be fearless and courageous. Egyptians used Tiger's Eye as eyes in their deities statues because they believed the crystal's magical powers will help their gods keep an eye on them.

It harnesses the warrior-like spirit of a tiger, making you feel right at the top of the food chain. When you have that sense of empowerment, you don't tend to feel the niggling feeling of fear about small irrelevant things. It helps you channel your most productive, ruthless self, which benefits your own being the most.

Other than helping with fear, Tiger's Eye has a lot of other benefits. It has physical and emotional healing powers too. It is a good blood fortifier and helps in regulating good blood pressure and cleansing of the blood. On the other hand, it is also a remarkable stone for the mind. It enables you to find the right balance between emotional extremes and helps you find a way to stay centered while making everyday decisions.

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