Orgone Charging Plates

Orgone Charging Plates

Meaning of Orgone:- Orgone energy is found everywhere in-universe and this energy naturally exists in different forms. When this energy is positive it brings good health for human beings. When it becomes negative this brings risk which leads to severe health problems. As human beings, we are open to all energies positive and negative. This means humans can protect themselves negative or harmful energies present in the environment. As human beings, we are unaware as to what energies are affecting us and in what manner.

Meaning of Charging Plates:- Charging plates produces positive energies to any objects which are placed on it.

Description of Orgone Charging Plates:- It is a device made up of Orgonite. The Plates are made up of Positive ions ( Electrically charges atoms or group of atoms created by the loss or gain of one or more electrons). It helps in purifying the environment and creates a positive atmosphere around you.

Benefits of Orgone Charging Plates:- There are many benefits which we derive from this device. Few of them are as under.

  • Reduces the effect of EMF( Electromagnetic Field):-

Orgone Charging Plates discharges the negative energy that balances or neutralize the effect of EMF. It protects the human body from harmful radiations caused due to technologies like 4G, 5G and other smart devices like TV, Smart Phone, Microwave, Radiowaves, etc.

When anybody is on vacation to any beach, forest or hill areas they feel fresh, relaxed and happy. It feels like the body is detoxed from some part of negativities. Even those suffering from any disease, doctors advised them to plan a vacation. As a result, the body flushes all the toxins that have been created due to a hectic lifestyle. This is because the body has received a good dose of positively charged ions. Orgone products are made up of rare and scarce material like metal, resin, copper, brass, etc) and it neutralizes EMF by discharging the effect of negatively charged ions.

2)    Better Sleep:- Those who are suffering from lack of sleep, they can use this device under the pillow or the mattress.  All the negative energies that are disturbing the mind and as a result sleeps patterns are getting effected will convert into positive energies.

3)    Physical Well-being:- Orgone charging Plates are very useful in the physical wellbeing of any human being. This is available in various decorative styles. Anybody can put it either on the dining table and put the food and other eatables on it and attracts positive forces or energies in it.

 So, looking at all the benefits mentioned above one should use this and convert all the negativities into positivities.


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