Orgone malachite obelisks

Orgone energy benefits human life in many ways than we can comprehend. One of its biggest benefits is providing the body with positivity and healing all the unbalanced energies in the body. This helps in promoting a healthier and happier life.

What is Orgone Crystal or Orgone Agate?

Orgone is a pseudo-scientific spiritual concept variously described as an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force. 

Scientist Wilhelm Reich defined orgonomy as the natural science of cosmic orgone energy. By saying the word ‘natural science’, what did the scientist mean by this? Does it mean to approach a subject from a scientific point of view then? Do we know about the energy, but still not believe it, that there is such a thing as orgone energy and that it functions as Reich claimed that it does? If so, how do we know this? These and other questions will be addressed in this introduction to orgonomy as a scientific enterprise.


 An Orgone Obelisk measures approximately 4 - 7 inches in size. Excellent & powerful orgone or orgonite obelisk consists of materials malachite (which promotes flow of money, harmony, promotes longevity, heals scarcity) aluminium, copper & copper coil.

Malachite is accepted to be a solid protector for children. It is said to shield the wearer from mishaps and ensure explorers. Malachite has been utilized to support achievement in business and secure against undesirable business affiliations. It is a stone of equalization seeing someone.

Malachite is constantly green, generally in joined tones shifting from extremely dim green to a smooth green color shade.

 The word “Obelisk” comes from the Greek obelisks, meaning a prong forroasting. It is a stone that is frequently monolithic, of a quadrangular base, placed upright and ending with a pointed top. It is present in the squares of the most important cities around the world. The obelisk, called TEJEN in the sacred language of the ancient Egyptians, was a term which was synonymous with “protection or defence”

An Orgonite/ Orgone Obelisk is an Orgone Generator which means it converts surrounding negative energy to positive energy, so wherever it is placed it will continually beam out positive life force energy without any particular direction.

When the Obelisk is held, the positive energy can be directed to any person, for any purpose or situation by the power of the mind and the power of your thoughts. This Obelisk will simply amplify, enhancing the power and direction of your thought. When you first pick up the Obelisk you may feel sensations on your body and around it.

The main function is to clean stagnant and negative energy from the body with the crystal. This has a multitude of beneficial effects. The benefits of orgonite are reported benefits from orgonite users worldwide and most of these effects have been confirmed by their personal experiences.

The concluding note…

Here we have listed what materials constitute the orgonite malachite obelisk. Moving forward in the next blog coming up, you would see what are the benefits of such orgonite obelisk. Anyone interested to view or purchase an orgonite obelisk for themselves, do click here to purchase from ORGONITE CRYSTALS

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