Orgonite And Its Varied Shapes

Orgonite And Its Varied Shapes

Orgonites have fast gained popularity in the last decade or so due to their ability to diminish the harmful effects of the EMF that radiates from the gadgets that surround us at all times, smartphones, Wi-Fis, Smart meters, laptops and so on. Since the radiations from these gadgets are quite powerful, we also require a shield that is equally powerful and strong. 


William Reich found that Orgonites  come in two states, Positive and Negative. In Positive Orgone Energy, he found life-giving properties and ones that help in healing, whereas, in  Negative Orgone energy, he found properties that create illness and death. 


What are Orgonites made up of?


Organites was first found by Austrian scientist William Reich, who found a life energy that is present in everything around us, in nature. He combined organic and non-organic materials and developed Orgonite. Orgonites  are a mixture of Resin (Epoxy, Natural or Polyester), Metal shavings (Aluminium, Iron, Steel, Copper and such), Quartz, and other gemstones to enhance their power.


Benefits of Orgonites


Orgonites have some awesome healing properties and they help in reducing many mental and physical ailments. They relax and calm the mind and body and give a sense of peace to the person using them. They are especially helpful in diminishing the effect of EMF, ELF, and RF. They heal the mind, body, and soul, providing complete cure from stress and anxiety.


Orgonites are not only beneficial to the humans but to the animals and mother nature, by providing good health to nature and improving the quality of food and water and the plantation and vegetation. They work to balance nature.


Various shapes of Orgonites

Orgonites come in various shapes and composition depending upon the purpose and the power required. Various gemstones are included in the mix but it is important to know which gemstones should be mixed, and be careful not to render the Orgonite useless and ineffective.


Orgonite pyramids are the most popular form of Orgonite used all around the world. They are resin, quartz, metal shavings, and Orgonite mixed and set in a mold. Various gemstones are added to improve the power of the pyramid. Pyramids can be placed anywhere, depending upon the requirement and are a quite effective healing tool.


Orgonite pendants are far more effective than the pyramids as they are closer to us and since they are touching us at all times, work better in protecting and shielding us from negativity. Although the composition is similar to the pyramids, people have found pendants to be more effective.



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