Choose aquamarine for its beautiful clear blue color. It is a sparkling semi-precious crystal associated with honesty, compassion, communication, courage, support, healing allergies, cold, fever, and hormone production. This crystal is well-known for its mystical powers and energies. It has protection capabilities, for protecting sailors on their voyages, travellers, cleaning water, healing sick, bringing prosperity, protecting one against spirits and dark forces. 

Aquamarine energy and healing properties are connected with the sea. This crystal represents both calming effects and the huge power of a tide.

Why wear an aquamarine crystal with you?

Wearing this crystal will help one overcome all barriers in life, encourage them to express their feelings, give them the freedom and inspire trust, honesty, and truth.

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Getting back to the aquamarine crystal discussion here are some of the properties you would be interested in knowing about this crystal.

Physical healing of the aquamarine crystal

Aquamarine physical healing properties are connected mainly with respiratory organs, throat, breathing, lungs, and sinuses. This crystal helps reduce fever and cold, helps with bronchitis, heals lungs, and sore throat. It is also considered beneficial for treating skin related problems, psoriasis, eczema, and skin inflammation.

Soothing properties of the crystal will also help with teeth and gum issues, balance hormone production, growth, thyroid, and pituitary gland. In order to get the most of this crystal, one must wear it for a prolonged time and place it on the problem area.

Emotional Healing properties of the aquamarine crystal

Aquamarine crystal is a well-known crystal for centuries with many emotional healing properties for its soothing energy. This crystal will help you uncover deeper truth, mostly problems that cause traumas. While wearing it, you will ward off old traumas, it will help one move forward without fear.

This crystal will keep one away from abusive people and help it reveal the truth hidden behind them. By recognizing harmful patterns one will be able to live a fuller and happier life. Through communication that is inspired by Aquamarine, they will be more rational, compassionate and able to talk much easier with friends, loved ones, family, and business partners.


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