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Orgonite Gifting At Its Best

November 22, 2018

Orgonite Gifting At Its Best

The concept of orgone energy is spreading fast and many of its positive effects have been surfacing. The term orgone was coined by Wilhem Reich. It is a universal life force and the building block of all organic and inorganic matter on earth. It has various benefits and healing powers and is believed to accelerate plant growth as well.

What is meant by gifting orgone?

For a long time now, people have been ‘gifting’ with orgone. In simple terms it means placing orgone in strategic placesso that it can have positive impact on the people and the environment as well.They are gifting the planet by sensibly placing and tossing orgonite to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, enhance the environment and so on.

Some of the places that can benefit from gifting of orgonite are as follows-

  • Cell phone towers
  • Polluted lakes and other water bodies
  • Hospitals
  • Electric pylons
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Flora and fauna
  • Power plants

Gifting guidelines-

  • The concept of gifting should begin close to the home, after you have ‘orgonised’ yourself and your personal space. For those living in complex or block of flats, TBs (muffin-sized orgonite) can be placed at each corner of the perimeter. It is best to target places with negative energy and where people congregate..
  • Near Microwave towers including cell phone masts- Placing one TB should suffice for a single transmitter. Try placing the pucks as close as possible to the microwave tower. Probably within a range of 100 meters.
  • Another way to gift orgone would be to bury it in shrubbery.
  • It is reported that one enterprising gifter from Malaysia coated TBs in a mixture of soil, cement and water and was left to dry for a day. And guess what? The orgonite disguised as a rock.
  • When it comes to purifying water, orgonite do an amazing job. So gift orgonite to rivers, lakes and ponds in your neighborhood.
  • In countryside, where the population is not too dense and towers are few, it will take less number of orgone to have the effect and vice versa. Placing orgone in places where it will have maximum effect will reduce the amount of orgone required.

We often forget that we ourselves are generators of electromagnetic radiations. As technology has progressed the emission level have gone up drastically. So, the idea of gifting orgone is the least we can do to create positive energy in our environment to protect it and make it sustainable.



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