Personal And Field Orgonites.

Personal And Field Orgonites.

Orgonites  are a modern discovery by mankind. They are made up of a substances consisting of resin metal shaves or powder and quartz crystal. Some orgonites are wrapped in a coil, mostly copper. The main function of an orgonite is to transmute negative energies present in the environment into positive energies. Based on this orgonites are further classified into two types depending on the type of function.

There are two types of orgonites based on their functions, personal orgonites and field orgonites.

Personal Orgonites:

Personal orgonites as the name suggests are meant for personal use. These can be in the form of pendants; singing bowls necklaces mobile shields like round shaped talisman coin or a power wand.  These orgonites are generally made of good quality material like semi-precious and higher quality crystals  and quartz. Since they are meant for personal use the quality of the material used in these orgonites does matter a lot. They produce stronger energy which is beneficial for the owner.  The effects resultingfrm use of such orgonites are positive thinking revitalized energy, strengthened immune system good health healthy mindset and prevention of life threatening diseases.  

Field Orgonites:

Field orgonites as the name rightly suggests are used in fields or in environments. They are generally used at a mass level and hence the materials used don’t matter. In fact most of the times pebbles and stones are used alongwith other metals and resin. However they yield much stronger energies as opposed to the materials used.

The popular types of field orgonites are tower buster, earth pipes, and holy hand grenade and cloud buster. These orgonites are beneficial for the environment and help in combatting the problems faced by us due to technology advancements.

Field orgoniteslike the earth pipe are generally buried inside the ground or thrown in water reservoirs. They are present in the environment for its benefit.  They help absorb the harmful emissions and act as catalyst of growth of flora and fauna in the neighbouring region where this orgonite is placed.

The tower buster helps bust the deadly radiations emitted by a mobile/broadcasting tower or wireless antenna. It is small in size and can be easily placed anywhere and can be hidden.

The cloud buster or the chembuster as it is called is a field orgonite used to absorb chemtrails in the atmosphere. This is one of the most important and powerful field orgonites.

Based on functions and uses orgonites have proven to be a very powerful source of positivity.



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