Polished Stones Or Rough Stones For Healing ?

Polished Stones Or Rough Stones For Healing ?

Polished Stones Or Rough Stones For Healing?

Even after so many years of being into existence, there is still a lot more people can learn about these healing crystals. The gemstones are not just simple stones but a medium that lets us connect with our spirituality and guardian angels.
These crystals emit metaphysical energies that we can absorb to bring in emotional and physical balance to our life. However, due to the advancements in modern technology and fashion, crystals are now available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
From a cylindrical crystal to a pyramid-shaped one, these beautiful stones are available in a plethora of variations. Among these, few crystals are polished to make them look good and shiny while few crystals are kept in the rugged state in which they were found.
There are a lot of people who think that polished and shiny crystals are more effective for healing than the rugged ones. However, this is not the case. Polishing does change a crystal’s appearance and how the crystal directs energy through your personal body and space.
Polishing of crystals is done to bring out their color and enhance the clarity and luster of that crystal. This refinement can aid in connecting crystals to different color spectrums.
A large chunk of amethyst that has been cut and shaped may turn out to have reds and yellows in its physical makeup as well. Bringing out other colors connects the crystal with those particular energetic wavelengths and also allows more light to enter a crystal allowing for easier cleansing/energizing.
Pocket crystals are also polished so that it would be easy for you to carry them on the go. In addition to this, small chunks of crystals project energy very close to their physical shape, radiating a dense pocket of energy in normally a small circle around it.
Polished crystals have lighter energy that moves around in clear directions. This quality makes polished crystals great for focused energy work like rituals, cord cuttings, etc. Raw crystals, on the other hand, are better for not only connecting us with Earth’s energy but also for grounding and connecting us to our physical reality as well as meditation. In any form, a crystal will retain all of its metaphysical properties, the only thing that differs is the way you decide to use them.

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