Protect Your Aura with Amazonite

Protect Your Aura with Amazonite

Protect Your Aura with Amazonite

We’re always under attack by negative energy in our surroundings. It is there at work, we bring it back with us home, and the next thing we know, it manifests and embeds itself in our minds like cancer. That happens to everyone regularly.
It happens when you interact with incompatible people who have a terrible energy projection and are just a magnet of bullshit in general. We learn more about energy from our experiences of interacting with different types of people than we know from physics books in high school. It’s just a matter of keeping your eyes open and your heart protected.
These bad energies come from people who will seem excellent first but would, deep down, be monsters of their own accord. They will charm you, manipulate you, and slowly invade your life, and the next thing you know, they flip you inside out and leave you for the vultures.

These people will extract you for joy, cheap thrills, affection, attention, money, and many other things. When they’re one with you, you’ll be a shell of your former self. Thankfully, you can take measures to protect your energy from these foul spirits and give your aura a protective shield. One such action comes from the realm of crystal therapy.

The crystal Amazonite is a fantastic protection talisman that you can carry with you as a pendant, thumb stone, or any jewelry to protect your vibe. When Amazonite protects you, you see these complexities coming from a mile afar.

It is a stone of love and admiration, which means that upon connecting with it, you love yourself more and attract love from the universe and other people. Even if damage has already been dealt with you in the way of evil energies, you can remedy that by Amazonite because it helps heal the scars and trauma that such events leave in life.

Amazonite releases tension and stress by soothing the mind and enabling you to de-clutter your space off bad energy. The stone will help you analyze your negative thought patterns and allow you to expand the horizons of your thinking. This will broaden your perspective and give you more reason to take your goals seriously.

Because with a broad perspective, you pay more attention to things that are important to you rather than something that society has made you believe are essential. The Amazon stone dissipates negative energy to open up your energy blockages so that you can feel a free flow of love and positivity in your system, free from anybody else’s bad energy.

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