Real Citrine vs. Fake Citrine | How to Tell the Difference

Real Citrine vs. Fake Citrine | How to Tell the Difference

Real Citrine vs Fake Citrine | How to Tell the Difference

Citrine is one of the most popular stones in the world that is known to stimulate creativity and instills you with energy and confidence. It is also known to bring prosperity to the wearer and helps to attract abundance and wealth. Unfortunately, citrine is also one of the most commonly faked crystals. In fact, some of the pieces available in the market are heat-treated amethyst.
The main difference between amethyst and citrine are the crystal formations and the colour. Amethyst comes in cluster formations and ranges from light purple to deep purple and when heated over 300-400 degrees Celsius it turns the purple to yellow or orange.
Citrine, on the other hand, has finely distributed iron minerals which impart this crystal its yellow hue. Also, natural citrine does not grow in clusters like amethyst. Thus, when you see a yellow, orange or burnt-orange hued crystal in a cluster formation, it is mostly a form of heat-treated amethyst.
Natural citrine grows in points like normal clear quartz and has a very slight transparent yellow to olive green tint and is very rare to find. Smoky citrine found in Brazil has the presence of smoky quartz inside it that brings out the olive green colour to citrine.
The Kundalini Candle Quartz variety of citrine comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and it grows in clusters that are different than the amethyst. The Candle Quartz has large points with tiny points at the base.
Fake citrines created in the lab are easy to identify because they have a white base and very dark, almost orange tips. However, just because this citrine was created in a lab, it does not make it any less valuable to you if you are a healer or a general lover of crystals. However, if you are a true crystal enthusiast, then you can easily spot the real ones from the fake one and get it for you. 

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