Red Selenite - Selenite Angel Stone!

Red Selenite - Selenite Angel Stone!

Have you ever heard of Red Selenite?

Red Selenite carries some truly remarkable qualities which makes it such an attractive stone for many people. It's said to resonate strongly with the energies of the higher realms while helping us stay connected to our deepest truth. Additionally, it also helps clear away any negative energy or blockages we may have in our lives.

Not only does this promote peace and clarity within ourselves but it also encourages forgiveness and understanding between us and others around us. Finally, by activating all seven chakras within us - from Root Chakra at the base up to Crown Chakra at the top - Red Selenite facilitates emotional stability as well as physical wellbeing.

All these wonderful effects combined make it easy to see why thousands are turning towards this crystal for help with their spiritual journeys!


"As the saying goes, 'A picture is worth a thousand words'. Red selenite is one of those pictures that speaks volumes. Its vibrant reddish hue and unique structure make it stand out amongst other minerals. This gemstone has been revered for centuries and its name comes from the Greek word "selenites", meaning moon stone or lunar rock.

It typically forms in thin tabular crystals with a fibrous texture and smooth surface luster. The deep shade of red is created by iron oxide deposits within the crystal lattice structure of the mineral itself. In addition to being found in nature, synthetic versions are also available for use as jewelry stones or decorative pieces.

The defining property of red selenite lies in its ability to absorb and store energy vibrations at a high frequency rate over time. This makes it ideal for healing purposes, as it helps to balance emotions while providing clarity and focus during meditative practices.

Additionally, due to its resonance with the root chakra, red selenite can be used to foster feelings of safety and security when placed near someone’s bedside or workspace. Given all these attributes, it's no surprise that red selenite has been prized since ancient times as both an object of beauty and a tool for spiritual growth."

Types Of Selenite

White Selenite believed to help clear away negative energies from your environment or your body. Orange selenite has powerful grounding qualities and helps balance emotions while promoting self-confidence. Blue selenite is often associated with communication, helping you speak more confidently and clearly so that others can understand you better.

Green selenite holds calming vibrations that connect us to nature, bringing us peace and tranquility when we need it most. Lastly, pink selenite encourages unconditional love for ourselves and those around us.

Whether it’s white selenite for clarity or orange for stability – each type offers something unique yet equally valuable. To reap the greatest benefits of these minerals, use them daily by placing pieces in specific locations around your home or wearing jewelry adorned with different types depending on what kind of energy needs to be balanced at any given time. Harnessing their power will bring about positive changes if done properly!

Basic Information About Red Selenite

Ready to learn more about red selenite? This powerful crystal has a lot of meaning, healing properties and uses. It's no wonder that this gemstone is so popular for its metaphysical benefits! Red selenite can be used in many different ways, from meditation to chakra balancing.

Let’s explore the fascinating characteristics of this stone and why it’s such a valuable tool for spiritual seekers. Selenite derives its name from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. The color red symbolizes life force energy, passion, courage and determination - all qualities associated with this mystical mineral.

Red selenite is believed to energize the root chakra while also helping one gain inner strength, clarity and focus. It’s an excellent choice if you want to increase your physical vitality or manifest something into reality. When it comes to healing properties of red selenite, some people claim that it helps alleviate stress and anxiety as well as improve relationships.

Additionally, it may help ease joint pain and reduce fatigue due to its cleansing effect on the body’s energetic field. Moreover, practitioners who use crystals say that this type of selenite is especially helpful when dealing with difficult emotions like anger or fear as it encourages self-love and acceptance.

Since red selenite also has a strong connection with the divine feminine energies within us all, it can offer protection from negative influences while encouraging creativity and intuition at the same time.

A great way to harness these effects is through guided meditations using red selenite crystals along with affirmations intended for increasing personal power and self-confidence. Whether placed around your home or carried with you throughout the day, this crystal will always bring positive vibes wherever it goes!

Geographical Occurrence

In Africa, red selenite is known for its durability which makes it suitable to use in jewelry making or various other craft projects. Additionally, it's said to have healing properties when used during meditation or prayer practices due to its powerful vibrations.

Red Selenite from this region also has an attractive pinkish hue and contains smaller crystal formations than those found elsewhere. Brazilian red selenite is believed to bring about emotional balance and harmony within one’s life, while Mexican red selenite is thought to provide physical protection against negative energies. This particular form of red selenite appears darker in color and contains more trace elements than any other types of Selenite sourced from around the globe.

Sri Lankan red selenite stands out for its high quality deposits that are considered some of the best available anywhere today. In addition to being beautiful specimens they are also quite rare – giving them extra value on the market! Its metaphysical properties include boosting energy levels and stimulating creativity.

Red selenite is thus a versatile stone that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for beneficial spiritual effects or who simply appreciates the beauty of nature at work!

Metaphysical Benefits

The metaphysical benefits of red selenite are plentiful. From its calming energy to its ability to provide mental clarity and emotional balance, this crystal is a powerful ally in the pursuit of spiritual awakening.

Red selenite works to strengthen psychic protection while also promoting personal reflection and self-reflection. This stone helps clear the mind of negative thoughts that can prevent us from reaching our goals or experiencing true joy. It's also helpful for balancing energies between individuals, whether it be in relationships, work environments, or even within oneself.

By cleansing away any fear or anxiety that might be clouding judgement, red selenite allows its keeper to make decisions with greater ease and confidence. In addition to helping restore inner harmony, red selenite encourages intuition and creativity. Its healing properties open up new pathways for exploring one’s own potential and gaining insight into deeper truths about life and reality as we know it.

With this newfound awareness comes an increased understanding of how all things are connected on a universal level which can lead to profound spiritual awakenings over time.

Red selenite is highly versatile in terms of its usage: it can be used during meditation practices such as yoga or visualization; worn as jewelry; placed around your home; carried with you throughout the day; or simply held close when feeling overwhelmed by stressors of daily life.

No matter what form it takes, this precious gemstone has the power to bring forth positive vibes and genuine transformation within anyone who seeks out its magical gifts.

How To Use Red Selenite For Healing

I've always been intrigued by the power of crystals and minerals to heal. Red selenite is a powerful crystal that has some incredible healing properties and uses. It's believed to help remove negative energy from your space, as well as strengthen your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Here are some ways you can use red selenite for healing:

First, place a piece of red selenite on any area of your body that needs healing or protection.

Second, holding or meditating with a piece of red selenite near your heart chakra can also be beneficial for emotional wellbeing. As it amplifies feelings of love and compassion, it helps calm anxiety while boosting self-confidence levels too.

Furthermore, its grounding properties can provide comfort when dealing with difficult emotions like grief or fear.

Thirdly, using this crystal during meditation practices allows for deeper insights into one’s spiritual journey; enabling higher understanding so we may make better decisions in our life path ahead.

Not only does it open up pathways between conscious thought and subconscious intuition but also works towards bridging communication between both realms for further clarity in decision making processes.

Lastly, wearing jewelry made out of red selenite close to the skin until fully charged acts as an energetic shield against harm caused by environmental stressors such as electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Its protective qualities are not only helpful at home but even more so when traveling across different countries where EMF radiation is high - providing an extra layer of safety no matter where you go!

Physical Benefits Of Red Selenite

Red Selenite carries a range of physical benefits that can help with healing. It has been known to be an essential crystal for those looking to promote physical health and well-being. This special type of selenite is believed to have the unique ability to bring out any underlying issues within the body, which it then helps heal or treat.

Red Selenite's energy works on reducing symptoms associated with tinnitus, such as inflammation and pain. Additionally, it helps balance energies in the body related to hearing loss, dizziness and vertigo. Another great use of red selenite is for skin problems like acne or psoriasis.

Its natural cleansing properties are said to work at calming and soothing various skin conditions while also protecting against further irritation or infection. It can also reduce swelling caused by these skin issues, making them much easier to manage over time.

Lastly, red selenite promotes overall physical healing by helping restore vitality and improve strength after prolonged illness or injury. It serves as a powerful source for restoring balance between mind and body so users may feel more energized and motivated when engaging in everyday activities again.

Emotional Benefits Of Red Selenite

Moving on from the physical benefits of red selenite, this crystal also has emotional healing properties. Red selenite is known to bring emotional balance and clarity to those who use it. It helps in calming emotions that have become overwhelming or agitated due to certain circumstances.

Furthermore, red selenite provides emotional protection by shielding against negative energy coming from outside sources. This powerful crystal can help you stay focused on your goals while being able to manage and control any intense emotions you may be feeling at the time.

Here are a few ways you can use red selenite for emotional healing:

  1. Place a piece of red selenite near where you spend most of your time – such as your bedroom, office desk, living room – so that its energies will surround you throughout the day.
  2. Meditate with a piece of red selenite in your hands or placed on your chest during meditation sessions; this will enable its vibrations to reach deep into the subconscious mind and clear away any blockages hindering emotional growth and development.
  3. Carry a piece of red selenite with you when going out in public places; it will protect you from absorbing other people’s negative energy and allow for more peaceful interactions between yourself and others around you.
  4. Lay down with a piece of red selenite either under or beside your pillow before sleep; this will create an aura of calmness within which facilitates deeper relaxation leading up to a restful night’s sleep filled with dreams full of insight and understanding about one's own emotional state.

Red Selenite is truly an amazing crystal possessing both physical healing capabilities as well as tremendous powers capable of transforming our innermost feelings allowing us access new levels of understanding regarding ourselves - emotionally, mentally, spiritually - unlocking within us greater potentiality than ever thought imaginable!

Spiritual Benefits Of Red Selenite

The spiritual benefits of red selenite are absolutely phenomenal! Not only does it provide powerful healing energies, but its unique vibration can help you to make an angelic connection and establish a deeper understanding with the divine.

Red selenite is also known for providing spiritual guidance and protection from any psychic energy that might be present in your environment. It is believed to bring about clarity when meditating and enhancing one’s ability to receive divine communication through visions or messages.

Red selenite helps promote emotional balance so that we may stay grounded even during trying times. This gemstone encourages us to raise our vibrations into a higher state of consciousness, allowing us to better focus on our own personal growth and development.

Furthermore, it increases self-awareness by helping us recognize patterns both externally and internally which no longer serve us positively. When used together with other crystals such as amethyst or celestite, this crystal amplifies their effects while helping create harmony within ourselves.

It is recommended to use red selenite regularly if you seek inner peace and enlightenment - just holding onto the stone sends out calming vibrations throughout your body.

Additionally, placing it near certain areas of your home can ensure that positive energy continues to flow freely around the space for long periods of time.

Finally, using this special crystal along with visualization techniques during meditation can open up many new pathways towards greater spiritual awareness and insight into yourself as well as the universe around you.

Tips For Choosing And Storing Red Selenite

When it comes to choosing red selenite, you want to make sure that the stone is high-quality and has been well taken care of. If possible, try to select pieces with more clarity and fewer inclusions.

Storing your red selenite is just as important as selecting it. Make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight since this can cause discoloration over time. Also be mindful of where you place the stone; avoid storing it near other crystals because their energies may clash together.

Additionally, if you don't plan on using the stone right away, wrap it up in a soft cloth and store it somewhere safe like a jewelry box or storage drawer. When handling your red selenite, always wash your hands first before touching it so you don't transfer any negative energy onto the stone.

Be gentle when moving or cleaning the crystal and never use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to clean it—just plain water will do!

Finally, if you're going to display your red selenite, remember to cleanse its energy regularly by smudging with sage smoke or placing it under full moonlight overnight.

By following these simple tips for choosing and storing red selenite, you'll ensure that your crystal remains at its highest vibrational frequency and continues to bring good luck into your life!

Popular Uses Of Red Selenite

Red selenite is a powerful healing crystal that has many popular uses. It's widely used in metaphysical purposes and as an aid for crystal healing. The deep red hue of this stone symbolizes passion, courage and strength - perfect qualities to help with spiritual cleansing and purification. It's said that holding or meditating with red selenite will encourage feelings of self-confidence while helping to clear away any negative emotions from the mind and body.

Red selenite can also be used during times of stress or grief as it helps bring about inner peace, comfort, wisdom and divine insight. This healing crystal is great for clearing out stagnant energy from your home or workspace too. Simply place a piece around the area you want to cleanse, such as near windowsills, doorways or other points of entry.

You may even consider placing one on each corner of a room if needed! This will help create more positive vibes in the atmosphere while promoting balance within yourself too. When worn close to the heart chakra, red selenite is thought to promote love and joy while providing emotional support when going through tough times - allowing us to feel connected with our higher selves once again.

So why not give it a try today? With its beautiful color, calming properties, and strong connection with divinity, red selenite makes an excellent addition to anyone’s collection of healing crystals!

Use In Meditation

Meditating with Red Selenite helps to open up energy pathways between the heart chakra, crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, root chakra, and sacral chakra – allowing us to connect more deeply with universal energies.

Practicing mindfulness while holding or gazing at this stone encourages feelings of compassion towards oneself as well as an openness towards others’ perspectives. Allowing these vibrations to saturate your body can create a sense of serenity that will last long after you have left your mediation session.

In addition to being used in meditation practices, Red Selenite also offers many physical health benefits such as reducing stress levels, boosting immunity system strength, aiding in gut health issues like IBS symptoms, regulating hormones from PMS cycles to menopause irregularities etc., improving sleep quality by promoting relaxation prior to bedtime rituals.

Its calming effects on the mind also aids in concentration problems often experienced during studying sessions or work-related tasks. The use of red selenite during meditative practices can offer numerous benefits both physically and spiritually.

With regular practice one should notice improved moods along with enhanced mental clarity leading towards greater self-awareness and overall wellbeing. Taking time out each day for mindful contemplation allows us to take full advantage of what this crystal has to offer so we can live life feeling peaceful yet energized!

Feng Shui Applications

From its soft pinkish hue to the energy it emits, red selenite has been known for centuries as a powerful stone of protection. In Feng Shui practices around the world, it is used to bring peace and harmony into one's home or workspace. Red Selenite can be placed in various areas of your home to create cures for specific energies that need balancing.

For example, one may place a piece in their living room to help promote healing energy and clarity of thought. It can also be placed near windows or doors to protect from negative outside influences such as bad luck or gossiping neighbors.

When using Red Selenite in Feng Shui applications, its placement should always take into consideration how much energy needs to be balanced. Pieces should never be placed together with other stones since this could cause too much positive energy which might overwhelm the area and not achieve the desired result.

Instead, try placing pieces separately throughout the space so that each receives ample attention from passing Chi while also avoiding cluttering up an area with multiple stones at once.

Red Selenite is especially helpful when combined with other crystals and gemstones like rose quartz or amethyst for extra cleansing power or calming properties respectively. Furthermore, red selenite serves well as an amplifier for intentions you’ve set within your space by allowing them to manifest more quickly than they would otherwise without its presence.

Placing these gems near important items like photos of loved ones will further enhance their effects on our environment and uplift our spirits! Ultimately, when working with Red Selenite in feng shui applications there are many creative ways that we can use this crystal’s protective powers to benefit both ourselves and those around us.

Not only does it have great potential for creating balance and harmony but it also helps us cultivate compassion towards others and encourages us to move through life with intentionality - two qualities that everyone can appreciate!

Caring For Your Red Selenite Jewellery Or Decor Pieces

Caring for your red selenite jewellery or decor pieces is easy and essential to keep them in their best condition. To clean your pieces, simply wash with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Selenite is quite fragile and may crack if dropped, so it's important to handle it carefully when cleaning.

Avoid using harsh chemicals as these can damage the stone's surface. You should also avoid submerging the pieces in water too often as this could cause discoloration over time.

When storing your red selenite jewellery or decor items, make sure they are kept away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes. Also ensure that the pieces are not placed in areas where humidity levels can fluctuate greatly; this will help prevent cracking of the stone due to expansion and contraction from sudden changes in moisture levels.

Another way to protect your selenite gems is by coating them with a protective sealant such as wax or varnish before wearing or displaying them. This will provide an extra layer of protection against scratches, dirt buildup, and fading caused by exposure to light sources like sunshine and artificial lighting fixtures. It’s wise to inspect all of your selenite jewellery or decor pieces on occasion for any signs of wear-and-tear.

If you notice any chips or cracks developing over time then take the necessary steps towards repairing them promptly. With proper care, you can ensure that your red selenite remains beautiful for many years to come!

Cleansing And Recharging Your Red Selenite

Cleansing and recharging your red selenite is an important part of incorporating this crystal into your spiritual practice. Red selenite carries powerful healing properties, so it’s essential to keep its energy pure and clear. •Cleanse with water or white sage smoke: You can cleanse your red selenite by submerging it in cold running water for several minutes or passing over the surface with white sage smoke from a smudge stick. This will help remove any negative energies that have stuck itself to the stone.

  • Place in direct sunlight or moonlight: Direct exposure to natural light is another effective way of cleansing and energizing your red selenite. Place the stone directly under the sun or moon for at least 30 minutes, then allow it to dry completely before handling again.
  • Intentional meditation: Hold your red selenite while sitting quietly in meditation, asking that all negativity be released from its energy field. Visualize yourself surrounded by protective white light as you focus on infusing positive intentions into your gemstone.

These recommendations provide some ideas for how you can incorporate cleansing and recharging routines into your crystal healing practices with red selenite. To maximize their benefits, make sure to follow these tips regularly!


In conclusion, Red Selenite is an incredibly special and powerful crystal that can be used in many different ways. Its unique color gives it a strong presence when held or displayed, making it great for use as jewellery or décor pieces.

With its metaphysical benefits such as bringing luck and protection to those who wear or keep it near them, this beautiful stone offers more than just beauty.

When properly taken care of, Red Selenite has the potential to last forever – much like the memories created while meditating with this amazing stone by your side! It’s no wonder why so many people have come to appreciate all that this gorgeous gemstone has to offer.

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