Role Played By Orgonites In Purifying The Atmosphere

Role Played By Orgonites In Purifying The Atmosphere

Do you know about Orgone energy and its effects? I’m sure you have at least heard about Orgone/Orgonites or read about it on the internet. If not then go read up about it, I’m sure you will find it fascinating and interesting too.

The highlight of this article is about the effects of Orgonites on atmosphere. Before we get to the point let me give you a brief introduction about the theory of Orgone energy.

What is Orgone Energy?

Coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich Orgone  is the universal life force energy and the building block for all the matter on earth. It is known by different names like prana, chi, ki etc. It is an active life force energy that surrounds all forms of live when in the active state. Orgone pyramid are devices designed to naturally attract Positive Etheric energy and then convert the negative Orgone into positive ions.

From Reich’s theory of Orgone energy evolved Orgonite- a mix of resin, metal shaving and addition of crystal. It has the ability to function as a self-driven, continuously-operating and highly efficient device transforming DOR (Deadly Orgone energy) into POR (Positive Orgone energy).

How Orgonites help in Purifying the Atmosphere?

Orgonites offer lot of benefits. Some of them are as follows-

  • Improves sleep
  • Induces vivid dreams
  • Enhances the mood
  • Heals energy blockages in the body
  • Improves relationships

But that’s not all. Besides creating a positive atmosphere inside the house, Orgonites  also fill the surrounding with pleasant vibes. This ultimately creates a lively and clean atmosphere in and around. Depending upon the addition of crystals, Orgonites offer various other benefits.

Plant Growth- The role and importance is well known by all of us. They are our sources of oxygen and thus the breath to our lives. Orgonites  are known to accelerate plant growth. Many users who have placed Orgonites in their green area or buried them in the soil have noted faster and better plant growth.

Cleanses the water- Water placed on an Orgonite charging plate tastes better and is packed with nutrients and is beneficial than normal water.

Affects the climate- A device named “Cloud buster” was invented combining Dr Reich’s Orgone theory that used long pipes to affect the atmosphere. The device was made to remove the chemtrails in high altitudes. Besides cloud busters could break droughts, clean the atmosphere, eliminate smog and help to re-establish a balanced climate.



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