Selenite - A Crystal Of Power And Energy!

Selenite - A Crystal Of Power And Energy!

Hey there fellow selenite crystal lovers! Selenite name derives from the Ancient Greek word “selēnē” which means ‘moon’ because its milky white color resembles moonlight.

Throughout history, people have believed that selenite holds special powers and brings about positive energies into their lives. The unique properties of selenite make it an incredibly powerful tool to aid physical and emotional wellbeing.

From aiding mental clarity to providing protection against negative energy – there are so many ways in which this crystal can help us find balance within ourselves and our environment.

So if you're looking for some guidance on how to use selenite, then keep reading!


Ah, selenite. The crystal of clarity and calming energy; the perfect addition to any healing practice or spiritual journey. Selenite is a form of gypsum that can be found around the world in many shapes and sizes. But what exactly is selenite? Let's take a look at its definition and description!

Selenite has been coined from the Greek word for moon - 'selene'. This beautiful crystal comes in various colors such as white, grey, orange-brown, yellow and even transparent varieties. It often appears as long prismatic crystals with striations running along them - like little stripes on the surface!

These unique formations are said to represent layers of consciousness which we must pass through in order to reach higher vibrations. Depending on its coloration, it may also possess different properties too. This remarkable stone is associated with protection against negative energies, mental clarity and insight into one’s own emotions.

Selenite has been used throughout history for divination purposes; some believed it could help access information about past lives or provide messages from spirit guides. Today it continues to remain popular due to its ability to cleanse other stones and amplify their effects when placed together!

Overall this crystal offers much more than meets the eye: its beauty combined with powerful metaphysical properties make it an essential tool for anyone looking for guidance during times of change or self-reflection.

Origins And Color Variations

Selenite is a beautiful and powerful crystal with many healing benefits. It has its origins in both Greek mythology, where it was associated with the moon goddess Selene, and geology, as it forms from evaporated sea water deposits.

No matter what shade you choose, all selenite stones have incredible metaphysical properties—especially when used for spiritual healing. Selenite’s color variations come from impurities found within the stone itself. For example, iron oxide can cause the hue to turn more yellow or green while manganese oxides will give it an orange tint.

Other minerals like gypsum and sulfur may also be present giving off different shades depending on their concentration levels in each individual piece. Varieties such as rainbow selenite form differently than other types because they contain layers of various colors rather than just one hue throughout the entire crystal structure.

 This creates a unique look which makes them highly sought after by collectors who appreciate their beauty and rarity. Regardless of your preference, no two pieces of selenite are ever exactly alike due to their dynamic coloring and formations!

Forms And Shapes

Did you know that the selenite crystal is found in over 20 different forms and shapes? It’s fascinating! From wand-shaped pieces to towers, palm stones, spheres, slabs - there are so many options.

Here's a list of some popular types of Selenite crystals:

  1. Selenite Wand - these slender rods can be used for massage therapy and energy healing.
  2. Selenite Tower - tall pillars of Selenite are great as decoration or to help cleanse your space with its purifying energies.
  3. Selenite Palm Stone - easily fits into your pocket or palm for convenient use any time.
  4. Selenite Sphere - perfect for scrying practices as well as home decor due to their elegant shape.
  5. Selenite Slab - flat surfaces make this type ideal to create grids and display other crystals on top of it.

No matter which form you choose, all contain powerful cleansing properties that work energetically within our bodies to bring us balance and peace of mind. Plus, they're beautiful too!

So why not add one (or more!) of these lovely pieces to your collection today? Enjoy the journey discovering new ways to connect with the power of selenites vibrations!


The properties of selenite make it one of the most powerful crystals available today. Its cleansing capabilities are unparalleled; selenite can help remove negative energy from both people and places.

By putting a piece of selenite near you or holding it during meditation, you'll open yourself up to greater clarity and peace while expanding your awareness beyond what was previously possible.

In addition to its cleansing abilities, selenite also has healing benefits. When held close to the body, this crystal helps attune us with our higher self and expand spiritual connection. This could lead to inner growth through connecting more deeply with ourselves on an energetic level. It is said that selenite brings balance by calming anxiety while enhancing mental acuity so we're better equipped to handle challenging situations.

Selenite's versatility makes it perfect for any occasion whether you need assistance emotionally, physically or spiritually - this crystal has something to offer everyone!

With its unique characteristics, it's no wonder why so many people turn to selenite for peace and comfort during difficult times in their lives.

How To Identify Genuine Selenite Gemstone

It is important to distinguish between genuine selenite gemstones and similar stones that have a very similar appearance. To identify a genuine selenite crystal, here are three things to look for:

  1. Recognize the color. A true selenite will usually show up as clear or white when held up against light, though some deep blue hues may also be present.
  2. Distinguish the characteristics. Genuine selenite crystals often include striations and grooves in their surface which can appear as lines or furrows running along its length, while other types of gypsum crystals may not display these features.
  3. Identify the features. Selenites are known for having perfect cleavage planes that break easily into thin sheets; this feature helps to differentiate it from any imitations made of glass or quartz.

When looking at a potential purchase, observe carefully and take your time to make sure you’re getting what you think you’re paying for. It's wise to ask questions about where the stone is sourced from and whether it has been tested by an expert before making your decision - especially if investing in a more expensive piece of jewelry featuring this powerful crystal!

Spiritual Healing Benefits

Selenite also aids in spiritual cleansing by removing negative energies from our aura and environment. This can help create an atmosphere conducive to manifesting positive intentions or achieving greater clarity on life purpose.

Dream work with selenite is especially beneficial because its properties allow us to access higher levels of understanding about ourselves and the world around us. As we gain insight into these depths, we find it easier to interpret symbols, signs, and messages sent from beyond the physical plane.

Working with selenite gives us a direct connection to angelic communication which serves as a source of guidance and protection throughout our journey towards self-discovery.On top of all this, using selenite crystal brings about feelings of inner peace and tranquility due to its calming vibrations.

When placed near areas where stress manifests such as bedrooms or offices, this stone can have a soothing effect that encourages relaxation and reduces anxiety levels. It’s no wonder why many people turn to selenite whenever they feel overwhelmed – its gentle energy works wonders!

Using selenite regularly can truly help you attain both mental balance and spiritual enlightenment along your path of personal growth. With the right intention set in place, there are endless possibilities for what this crystal can do in aiding your development process – so don’t hesitate to give it a try today!

Physical Healing Benefits

What if I told you that selenite crystals could have more than just spiritual benefits? That’s right – this crystal can heal physical ailments as well! Selenite is known to be one of the best healing stones for aches and pains, relieving inflammation, reducing stress, and boosting immunity.

The vibration from these beautiful crystals enables them to reduce pain in both the body and mind. When placed directly on sore areas such as an achy back or neck muscles, it can ease tension and relax tightness. It also helps with chronic conditions like arthritis by improving blood circulation throughout the body.

In addition to its ability to help relieve physical pain, selenite has been found to be very effective at calming emotional distress too. Its gentle energy helps create balance within the energetic fields surrounding our bodies. This allows us to better manage our thoughts while creating a peaceful environment for optimal relaxation.

Selenite is believed to have powerful cleansing properties which make it great for eliminating negative energies from both people and places. This increases overall wellbeing and supports long-term health by helping us stay connected to ourselves spiritually.

By wearing or carrying a piece of selenite around with us regularly, we are able to maintain good physical health through improved mental clarity. So if you're looking for natural ways to support your health, consider incorporating selenite into your life today - its unique combination of spiritual and physical healing benefits makes it truly special!

Emotional Healing Benefits

Selenite is an ideal crystal for emotional healing benefits. It helps to promote a sense of calm and peace, enabling us to find emotional balance within ourselves.

This crystal can help clear away negative energy and replace it with positive vibrations that flow through our bodies, helping to restore mental clarity and inner strength.

Selenite also encourages feelings of joy and compassion in the heart, allowing us to better express our emotions in healthy ways. The subtle but powerful energies of selenite are believed to alleviate stress and anxiety by calming our minds and opening up new perspectives on difficult situations.

Additionally, this crystal's vibration works to bring harmony into chaotic relationships whether they be personal or professional. The gentle power of selenite can even transform any space into a place of tranquility, providing its occupants with a more balanced environment conducive for emotional wellbeing.

In addition to aiding individuals emotionally, selenite crystals have been known to support collective efforts towards creating social change as well. By connecting us back with our true selves, we can become more aware of how our actions affect others around us - thus leading to greater understanding amongst each other.

As such, having one nearby could potentially help facilitate communication between parties who may disagree on certain matters while still being open-minded about potential resolutions.

Selenite is truly an amazing stone for those seeking solace from their daily struggles while still remaining connected to the outside world - making it easy for anyone looking for emotional healing benefits or improved quality of life!

Mental Healing Benefits

As the saying goes, "a healthy mind leads to a healthy life," and this is where selenite crystal shines. Selenite offers mental healing benefits that can help you gain clarity and awareness of your thoughts and feelings.

This stone encourages stress relief by calming your emotions so you can better understand yourself. It helps to bring about relaxation in difficult situations too. The vibration of selenite has a strong connection with the third eye chakra which stimulates spiritual development as well as intuition.

By opening up this energy centre, it allows for deep self-reflection and understanding in order to create positive change within oneself. With its high vibrational frequency, selenite may be used to balance out any chaotic energy or negative thought patterns that prevent us from moving forward on our journey of self-discovery.

Selenite also provides an immense amount of mental clarity when working through tough decisions or complex tasks. Its cleansing properties are effective in purging away harmful energies from our minds while protecting us from outside influences such as fear or doubt.

Additionally, its ethereal quality works wonders in improving concentration levels - allowing us to stay focused even during trying times! Selenite is truly one of nature's most powerful gifts when it comes to mental healing benefits; offering much needed guidance along the way towards inner peace and harmony.

Working with this stone will provide a sense of comfort and security due to its soothing vibrations, enabling us to become more mindful individuals who appreciate every moment we have here on Earth.

Chakra Balancing Effects

Selenite is an incredible crystal that can be used for chakra balancing and energy healing. Its properties are associated with calming, purification, and spiritual growth.

Selenite is believed to have the ability to clear all negative energies from a person or space while providing clarity of mind and protection from outside influences. It is also thought to help facilitate communication between the physical and spiritual realms by raising one’s vibration. This makes selenite an excellent crystal for use in various forms of energy healing such as Reiki and shamanic journeys.

Here's how it works: when placed on the body, its high vibrational frequency helps to harmonize our energetic field with the universe, creating balance within ourselves as well as connecting us more deeply to Source Energy. This process allows us to access higher levels of consciousness and knowledge which ultimately leads to greater understanding.

The effects of selenite on each individual will vary depending on their own unique needs; however, some common benefits include:

  • Increased clarity in decision making
  • Improved intuition
  • Greater awareness of oneself and surroundings
  • Heightened sense of peace & tranquility

Using selenite during meditation practices can be incredibly powerful, helping you tap into deeper states of relaxation while allowing your true nature to come forward so you can align yourself with your highest purpose.

Additionally, having this gentle stone around your home or workspace can create an atmosphere filled with positive energy – both physically and spiritually!

Other Uses Of Selenite Crystal

Selenite crystals are also great for healing grids, which involve placing them in specific patterns around a person’s body or home. Placing selenite crystals in these positions helps create an energy field that can promote physical and mental well-being.

Selenite crystals can also be used as part of a crystal grid, where several different types of crystals are placed together in order to amplify their collective energies. This type of practice is believed to bring about positive changes in one’s life and environment.

Furthermore, many people enjoy using selenite crystals as room decorations due to their unique properties and appearance. They provide a calming atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation or contemplation.

Lastly, some individuals use selenite crystals for jewelry making too!Overall, there are many creative ways that individuals can incorporate selenite into their lives beyond just its chakra balancing effects.

From being used as part of a healing grid or crystal grid to adding aesthetic value with room decorations or jewelry making - the possibilities are endless when it comes to working with this powerful stone!

Use At Home Or Office

Selenite lamps look great in any room and emit a soft glow that helps promote relaxation and emotional balance. Placing small pieces of selenite around the house also adds beauty while helping to cleanse negative energy from the area.

Similarly, selenite decorations such as sculptures, bowls or jewelry boxes make excellent additions for creating positive vibes in the home. When it comes to using selenite at work, incorporating this crystal into the office's décor can help create an atmosphere of productivity and focus.

Hanging a large piece of raw selenite on one wall creates an energizing effect that encourages creativity and concentration. A few smaller pieces scattered throughout an office will keep things feeling fresh while cleansing away any stagnant energies. Also consider placing a bowl filled with tumbled stones near your computer monitor – not only do they look stunning but they'll help reduce stress levels too!

At the end of the day, no matter where you decide to put them, crystals like Selenite have tremendous power when it comes to shifting energy fields in our environment and infusing us with positive vibrations.

Whether you choose these decorative items for beautifying your home or adding vitality to your workplace, let yourself get creative – there are lots of fun ways you can incorporate Selenite into both spaces!

Feng Shui Application

Selenite crystal has been revered for centuries due to its healing benefits and uses. With a plethora of feng shui applications, it's no wonder why the selenite crystal is still highly sought after today. From using it in home and office decoration to improving energy flow, the selenite crystal can bring about positive change for those who use it.

In terms of applying feng shui principles with a selenite crystal, one should place this powerful mineral in areas that need energetically clearing or energizing. When placed around an environment, the selenite crystals ability to absorb negative energies will balance out any discordant energies present so that harmony can be restored.

In addition, if you are looking to raise your vibration then having a selenite rock nearby is helpful as well because it amplifies high vibrational frequencies while also providing protection from unwanted energies. The appearance of a selenite crystal itself helps promote balanced energy when used at home or work spaces.

Not only does its soft white color provide a calming atmosphere but its unique formation holds energetic properties that make it useful for activating metaphysical gifts such as clairvoyance and intuition.

Furthermore, adding this beautiful stone into your décor not only adds aesthetic beauty but also brings peace and clarity to your space. Placing a piece of Selenite near an entryway is said to purify all incoming energy which can help keep things flowing harmoniously within the dwelling or office building.

Whether you’re working on manifesting something big or just need some added support during times of stress, having a selenite crystal close by can help set up a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere where creativity flourishes!

How To Cleanse And Recharge Selenite Crystal?

The first method is by smudging with sage or other sacred herbs. To do this, light the herb bundle and move it around your crystal while saying positive affirmations aloud. The smoke will help remove any negative energies that may have become attached to the stone.

Afterward, place the crystal out in direct sunlight to recharge it for about twenty minutes. Alternatively, you can also use moonlight to cleanse and recharge your selenite crystal overnight. Another way to cleanse and recharge your selenite crystal is through sound healing techniques such as singing bowls or tuning forks.

Hold your crystal close to these instruments as they vibrate at high frequencies, clearing away impurities from the stone’s surface. For best results, combine sound healing with visualizations of white light pouring into your selenite crystal to further clear away unwanted energies.

No matter which technique you choose, remember that regularly cleansing and recharging your selenite crystals will ensure they remain powerful tools for spiritual growth and transformation!

Where To Buy Selenite Crystal?

After successfully cleansing and recharging your selenite crystal, you may be wondering where to buy a genuine selenite gemstone. Selenite is a powerful healing stone with many unique properties that can help bring balance and harmony into any environment. Fortunately, it's widely available online or at metaphysical stores near you.

Here are some tips for finding reliable sources of quality selenite crystals:

-Research local vendors who specialize in selling authentic stones from trusted suppliers.

-Visit physical stores such as New Age shops, crystal boutiques, and spiritual centers for guidance on choosing the best selenite crystal for your needs. They often have knowledgeable staff members who can answer questions about specific pieces and offer advice on how to use them effectively in feng shui practices or energy work.

-Check out online retailers like The Gem Goddess, Crystal Joys, or Energy Muse for authentic selections of high-quality selenite crystals with detailed descriptions of each type’s benefits and uses.

With these resources at your disposal, it should be easy to find just the right piece of natural selenite!


What's really amazing about selenite crystals is their ability to cleanse and recharge other gems and stones around them. In fact, studies have found that a single piece of selenite can effectively clear negative energy from up to 39 square feet of space!

So if you're looking for a powerful tool to help bring balance into your home or office, consider investing in a genuine piece of selenite today.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of this sparkling white mineral, but also reap all the mental, physical and spiritual health benefits they provide.


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