Smoky Quartz: Transmutes and Releases Emotions

Smoky Quartz: Transmutes and Releases Emotions

Smoky Quartz: Transmutes and Releases Emotions

The mineral Quartz is a trendy crystal and is a whole family of healing gemstones with different colors and properties but belong to the same family. The head of all crystals is Crystal or Clear Quartz, which is said to be the master healer and has so many alternate uses.

But today, we’re going to talk about a lesser-known member of the family, Smoky Quartz. This is a tinted variety of Quartz crystals in which the color ranges from yellowish-brown to absolute black. But it is the exact property that makes it appear ‘smoky.’ Less desirable varieties have a greyish brown color.

Like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Ametrine, Smoky Quartz is a color-based variety of the mineral quartz, which means it shares many properties. This means along with the general healing properties that quartzes bring, and it has additional properties that are unique to Smoky Quartz only.  

It is an excellent grounding stone with properties to ground your negative emotional energy. It neutralizes negative emotions, turning their power into a positive force you can turn into creativity and use it productively.

Smoky Quartz
So many people these days struggle with toxicity in their systems. This can be on different levels. Some minds are polluted courtesy of the age of over information; bodies are corrupted with the impure vegetables, meat, and the air.
All this toxicity in our system slowly destroys us from within one day, one second at a time. To restore the body to its optimum purity, Smoky Quartz draws out toxins of all kinds and releases them. By excreting such negativity from your body, you feel light and clear-headed, ready to take on any challenge that must present itself.
These magnetic powers also draw out the best side of you by helping you get rid of meaningless attachments and entanglements. Smoky Quartz also helps you deal with mental health issues such as chronic stress and anxiety.
It disperses fear and depression and allows you to find your version of happiness and stick to it. If you feel suicidal sometimes, with Smoky Quartz you’ll find relief from the self-destructive thoughts. It enforces positive thoughts and actions to help you be a better you.
Smoky Quartz takes away your nightmares and manifests in your dreams, the utmost positivity which makes you wake up fresh with a great mindset. It is an overall great crystal for you to bring home some positivity and healing energy. It even has physical healing benefits like dissolving cramps and spasms.

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