Special Caring For Kids With Crystals

Special Caring For Kids With Crystals

Crystal healing is a therapy that can benefit adults and children alike.
People are more inclined towards thinking that crystals are meant for adults only, however, it is the children who can take greater advantage of these beautiful healing stones.
They are prime candidates for using crystals because they are open and spiritual in nature and are drawn to the magical beauty of these stones.
Crystals help children even more because they are more receptive to their healing powers.

Following is a list of crystals that you can use to make your children cheerful and active:



The healing properties of this stone cure many parts of the mind, body, and spirit and it can help children in many ways.
Amethyst has gentle vibrations that are protective and spiritual.
It helps to improve concentration, memory, and focus and hence it is considered an excellent stone for schools and homework.
Amethyst is also known to improve intuition and creativity inside children which helps them to excel in their academics.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

Just like their parents, children too, face stress and anxiety in different ways.
Be it the anxiety of the upcoming exams or the fear of getting bullied at school, children need protection from these negative elements.
This is where black tourmaline comes into the picture.
This stone wards off every bit of negativity from children’s minds and forms a protective shield around them.
Black tourmaline makes children feel confident and grounded and helps to reduce their fears.



This soothing crystal helps to settle the nerves, anxiety and stomach aches.
This crystal brings clarity to their mind and heals emotional trauma.
Aquamarine is also beneficial for offering grounding energies to your child which makes them less demanding and angry.
This crystal clears their heart and brings peace to them from within.



Children often over think about certain situations which prevents them from being open and happy about the good things in their life.
Sodalite teaches children to be expressive in nature and promotes authenticity and individuality in them.
It also increases clarity of thought and concentration and helps children feel calm in the midst of chaos.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

This stone is a master healer and can be used to heal all wounds, be it physical or emotional.
This stone can help to ease any pain that they are feeling and helps them to recover faster when they get sick.
Clear quartz also eliminates negative energies and serves to provide children with confidence and positivity.
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