Stylish and Serene Dodecahedron

January 08, 2019

Stylish and Serene Dodecahedron

Better and improved life would only be possible if we have aligned our chakras and balanced. This would, in turn, balance our life force, the chi or prana, and make us healthier and better. To balance our life force and improve our lives, what would serve better than orgonite crystals?

Orgonite crystal products have been some of the most sought-after products as orgonite energy has been one of the most celebrated energies that improve the life of a person. This energy was proposed and propagated by Dr Wilhelm Reich. It is based on these principles that Orgonite Crystals manufacture our products and help in bettering the lives of our customers.

One of the products that we manufactured based on this principle is the ORGONE RED GARNET ENERGY GENERATOR DODECAHEDRON. This is a product that helps each person to embark on healing energy by healing the chakras. This dodecahedron is designed to align your physical and etheric body with healing energy by activating the chakras to calibrate to their harmonic resonance.

Benefits of the red Garnet Dodecahedron

  • Removes Negative Energy - The surroundings that we live in would often be filled with all those negative energies that would affect our well being. This healing crystal based Orgone Dodecahedron will absorb all the negative unbalanced energy present in your space and transform it into positive balanced energy. This positive energy that is sent back out into the environment helps other living beings too to grow healthy.
  • Energises the Surroundings - This Orgone Red Garnet Dodecahedron can help in channelling, cleansing, and directing energies throughout your home or sacred space. In the space where this Dodecahedron is present, there won’t be any stagnation of energy.
  • Promotes better Sleep - Good sleep is necessary for healthy living and if a person experiences chronic fragmented sleep, he won’t be able to complete his tasks properly. Setting up this Dodecahedron near the place you sleep would help you in bidding adieu to fragmented sleep and keep you away from its effects like Migraines, Headache, Stress etc.
  • Promotes Inner Strength - To achieve and retain your balance, you would need the Red Garnet stone. This stone also helps you feel safe and protected and also to harness your inner strength.
  • The Meditation Dodecahedron - The Orgone Energy, combined with Red Garnet stone produces healing energy that boosts your meditation power.

These are some of the amazing benefits that the ORGONE RED GARNET ENERGY GENERATOR DODECAHEDRON can provide you with. As always,Orgonite Crystals is the best place to purchase the best orgonite crystal products like pyramidspendantsnecklacebraceletsdodecahedronsobeliskscrystal gift sets at the best prices.

The ORGONE RED GARNET ENERGY GENERATOR DODECAHEDRON can be purchased for us for $29.95, while its original price is $59.95, helping you save 50% on the order amount. Visit our online store now!

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