Suffering from Crystal Overwhelm? Here’s 5 Things to do To Overcome It

Suffering from Crystal Overwhelm? Here’s 5 Things to do To Overcome It

Suffering from Crystal Overwhelm? Here’s 5 Things to do To Overcome It

When you delve deep into the world of spiritual cleansing through crystals, there can sometimes be almost too many options. Some people start reading about crystals through various sources, and relate to the documented effects and qualities, and start collecting everything.
This can cause a mix of conflicting energies, resulting in an overwhelming feeling. This can be easily avoided by a few clever practices. So here are 5 ways one can prevent this infamous overwhelm.

Trust your instinct

While buying crystals, people tend to be too self-analytical and think about their qualities with too much logic. Sometimes when it comes to buying crystals, one should let their instinct and intuition guide them. Because in the matters of the spirit and the soul. Its best to let the spirit and the soul take the executive decision.

Save yourself from too much information

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There is so much information about the same set of crystals in so many sources that leave the crystals; just the information can be very overwhelming. Also, the ‘right’ crystal can be right because of so many factors, including personality traits, birth month, zodiac sign etc. In such cases, its best to rely on minimum sources, and like the above point states, your gut.

Lose control!

It’s important to worry less and stay calm when it comes to the effectiveness of crystals, because most of it is all in our heads. The healing crystals heal better when we let them do their jobs. Contrary to the point above, every experiment that needs to be done about crystals and their powers has been done through trial and error, and is well documented in the right source.

Let go of the fear of failure!

The way healing crystals work, is less like pharmaceuticals, and more like meditation, where it’s all internal and spiritual. It is an aid that helps you, help yourself better. You still have to put in the hard work of going through the process of finding yourself and addressing your issues; crystals can just help you do it better.

Leave some goal-achieving for later

Most people these days feel like they are terribly flawed, and have a world of issues. It’s just something about the era of over information, where people have impossible expectations from themselves and want to fix all of it. So don’t go out collecting all the crystals you can! It will only overly complicate things. Pick one goal at a time.

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