The Many Powers of Ruby

The Many Powers of Ruby

Ruby is one of the world’s most famous, expensive, and most sought out precious stones. Its deep red color has a scintillating effect on its user and their peers immediately. It’s a stone that fills you with a passion and zest for life. It turns people from sloths to go-getters overnight because it induces motivation and inspiration to do well.

You can do better in life once you start setting realistic, achievable goals based on your potential, experience, and expertise. These are the things that Ruby can help you with. It is also suitable for people who find themselves low on self-confidence. Ruby is firestone that is all about potent awakening fires that have been buried deep down within people.

The historical significance of this magnificent stone isn’t a secret to anyone who’s into crystals. Rubies have been associated with the highest class and nobility since ancient times. It was a go-to crystal for kings, priests, merchants, and noblemen across the world. It was called the “queen of stones” and a “stone for kings”.
Always associated with royalty and nobility, Ruby has always been a stone of strength, passion, and leadership. This is why even in the modern age, these properties make Ruby a stone of such high significance. It’s a talisman of protection, prosperity, and passion.
It is a stone of the Sun, which is also known as the supreme monarch of the entire universe. Its glow and hue make it seem like there’s a fire lit inside of this stone. In ancient times, it was said that its shine is so bright that it would glow through any numbers of layers of clothing, and could never be hidden.
Ruby Crystal
This of course is just a dumb thing that people back in the day used to say, but regardless, its shine is pretty bright and in the right light, does give the appearance of having its source of illumination.
It was believed to be magical for anyone who wore it. It would banish plagues and pestilence, and warned the user of coming danger, like a sixth sense. By promoting positive dreams and thoughts, it clears your subconscious mind and maintains a deeper level of peace within you.
It will balance your heart and help you regulate your feelings in the healthiest way possible. Ruby encourages joy, laughter, and a deeper sense of passion for the things you love. It even has a positive impact on your body. It detoxifies the body and blood. It is also a good protection stone, to keep you safe from fevers, infectious diseases, and other harmful negative energies.

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