The origin of orgonite


Orgonite is a combination of crystals and metals placed in resin, and it is based on Dr. Wilhelm Reich's scientific research culminating in the existence of what he termed orgone energy

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Let us actually tell you where the orgonite all came from.


 Orgonite, as we know, has been around way longer than the time we actually believe it to be known. It was first made use of, as a referral and mentioned for the very first time by a hermetic practitioner, Franz Bardon (1909 – 1958) who had a lot of experience in the occult and its healing.

Franz Bardon (1909–1958) was a Czech occultist, a hermetic adept and a magician whose work has influenced magical methods and practices. Franz Bardon is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable occultists of the West of his time.

It was understood that Bardon was sent to prison for 3 years by the Nazis for not revealing the information about the healing properties and the occult.

In his 1956 book - The Practice of Magical Evocation, he makes a reference to a device called a “fluid condenser” capable of storing etheric energy. These condensers can be solid, liquid or aeroform. The solid condenser was made of a mixture of 7 planetary metals (lead, tin, iron, gold, copper, brass and silver), coal and resin, practically the same ingredients used today in devices we popularly call them as Orgonite.

Orgonite, as we know it today, was made by the Austrian, Karl Hanz Welz. In 1991, he improved Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s design of an orgone accumulator by creating a device made of resin containing metal particles.

Unlike Reich‘s ORAC, which accumulated both positive orgone (POR) and dead orgone (DOR), Welz‘s ‘orgone generator’ transformed DOR into POR. It was then that he named it Orgonite. He later trademarked the name, however he did so only in 2005, nearly ten years later when the word Orgonite had already become a commonly used generic term.

It was in the beginning of the 21st century that Don and Carol Croft improved the original formula of Orgonite, by adding a crystal in the resin-metal mix. The quartz crystal, with its piezoelectric effect, amplifies the energy and helps transform the dead orgone (DOR).


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