The “Rain bringers” are here to wash away the negativities!

The “Rain bringers” are here to wash away the negativities!

Are you confused? Don’t be! We are speaking about Orgonite crystal red jasper!

Orgonite crystals Jaspers have been adored by old civilizations and people of the past all through the world as powerful and sacred stones of assurance of protection, for both the physical and profound beyond physical domain. Orgonite crystals Jaspers were known as the "rain bringers" and nurturers, healers of the soul and stones of mental fortitude and shrewdness.

Orgonite Crystal Jasper is known as the Stone of Endurance, a delicate, yet indispensable, it triggers orgone energy/chi/prana, or Life Force, bringing physical quality and vitality, stamina, balance and protection.

Its relentless recurrence quiets the passionate body making an enduring, stable vitality for improving wellbeing or defeating ailment, defining objectives and finishing to culmination, confronting horrendous assignments and having the fortitude to redress wrongs.

Today we bring you Orgonite Crystals products that use jaspers.

Chakra Balancing Water Charging Plate

Chakra Balancing

 Crystals and Healing Stones Chakra Disc Set

Crystals and Healing Stones

Orgone Chakra Gemstone Healing Pendant

Orgone Chakra Gemstone Healing Pendant

Ultimate Protection Orgone Chakra Healing Dodecahedron

Ultimate Protection Orgone Chakra

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