Tiger’s Eye to Clear Self-Doubt

Tiger’s Eye to Clear Self-Doubt

Tiger’s Eye to Clear Self-Doubt

The modern world comes with its pressures. There is just so much pressure on people to be who they are, be who they are supposed to be, be who they want to be, and be who others want them to be. So many inputs to who you are supposed to be can ruin the flow of your regular life and fill your head with lots of self-doubts.

Self-doubt can be perceived as being self-critical and raising your standard towards things to better yourself. But when the word doubt is involved, we're talking about the voice in the back of your head that keeps you under constant pressure, always second-guessing yourself and not taking the initiative about anything. Such behaviors can make you indecisive and make you look weak in the eyes of others.

Self-doubt is a pandemic of its own, especially in the age of over information. Everybody's self-image is polluted by the internet and obscene, impossible ideas of happiness, peace, and contentment.

Instead of enjoying what's in front of them, people look down on themselves and compare themselves to others. Such a mindset is the bane of all true contentment. Fortunately, this can be remedied by a little love from Mother Nature.

tiger Eyes

Tiger's Eye is a healing gemstone crystal that is the talisman for dissolving fear and instilling power. It brings with itself unique healing energy that raises your confidence, boosts your self-image, gives you courage, luck, protection, and encourages healthy boundaries to maximize abundance. All in all, Tiger's Eye is the mystical equivalent of a crown and a throne in your mental world. It makes you feel powerful and extremely confident in the skill-set and personality, without being arrogant about it.

This mystical stone has a lot of historical significance. It was one of the most feared stones in ancient civilizations because it was believed that gods were keeping an eye on men through Tiger’s Eye crystals. These were used to make eyes for the statues of Egyptian deities.
It was known as the “all-seeing eye” and was believed to raise the powers of intuition to godlike status. Metaphysically, Tiger’s Eye is supposed to help people who are so deep in a hole of their own making, that climbing up the slippery walls is impossible without a little divine intervention.
It is called the Tiger’s Eye because tigers symbolize ultimate raw uncompromising power, which are the exact qualities that this stone instills in you. By connecting with a Tiger’s Eye stone, you are showing the exit door to anxieties, self-doubt, feelings of worthlessness, and the pressure of being anything other who you are.

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