Tips To Safeguard Self From 5G

Tips To Safeguard Self From 5G

The next generation of the mobile network, the one that will enable the Internet of things and will further increase the speed of data transfer, is in the initial phase of experimentation. First in the United States, then gradually throughout the world. In the next three years, in short, if everything goes according to expectations, we will see the arrival of the 5G network on a large scale.

The waves are invisible but are everywhere. Be careful when buying your phone

It's the first thing to do! When you buy a phone, look at its specific absorption rate, called SAR, which is the rate of radiation it emits and which has an impact on our body. Better than it does not exceed 0.7 W / kg. But beware this concept is still fuzzy and a phone with low SAR does not mean it will not be harmful to your health.

  1. Prefer the hands-free kit

To talk on the phone, it is better to use a hands-free kit (but not Bluetooth) to avoid having the handset glued to the ear. In any case, it is inadvisable to place the device against his heart, hips, armpits or genitals. Also know that devices supposed to protect you from the waves (patch, shell, cases ...) have proven for the moment no efficiency, do not spend your money on anything!

  1. Do not sleep next to your phone

You have to stop sleeping with your phone under the pillow! Do not put it on your bedside table either, but keep it away from you as much as possible. opt for a good old battery-powered alarm clock instead of your mobile phone or place it in aeroplane mode to cut all its connections.

  1. Do not use it when the signal is weak

It is not recommended to call when you do not catch signal well. It is at this point that the waves are the most important because the phone increases its power of waves to look for a signal to hang up. Avoid also use it in a confined place: car, train, elevator ... This creates a "Faraday cage" effect, a sort of box that traps the waves.

  1. Cut the Wi-Fi

The dangerousness of these waves is not proven but it is still advisable to place this box at least 15m of yourself and cut when you do not use it. The problem, if you live in an apartment, it will also, for it to be effective, convince your neighbours to do the same ... You can also use a bioruptor, a device that can turn off certain electrical devices when they do not work not and therefore to cut off their radiation. As for your laptop or tablet, activate the Wi-Fi only when necessary, otherwise, it searches the network constantly and emitting waves. The best. Use a cable, as before the Wi-Fi arrives, to connect to the Internet and put your computer on a table and not on your lap.


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