Types of Orgonites and Their Functions

Types of Orgonites and Their Functions

Orgonite is one of the most unique inventions of our times. This substance is created to help transform negative energies into positive energies. This amongst others is an important function of the Orgonite. Orgonite generates an energy which is called Orgone energy which is used to benefit the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical spheres of life. It is a powerful tool used for manipulation of the weather in order to create a positively charged environment.

The different types of Orgonites are based on the functions they perforrn.

The Tower Buster:

The tower buster is a small tin sized Orgonite piece of the shape of a shot glass. Tower busters are kept near a mobile phone tower to mitigate the radiationsreleased from these towers. The

Holy Hand Grenade:

Although the holy hand grenade is more powerful and can be used to direct energies in a more powerful way, the tower buster also does a good job.

Earth Pipes:

Earth pipes are usually cone shaped and buried into the ground or thrown in the lake or river for mitigating the harmful radiations on the flora and fauna of the ground and/or water body. They act as an acupuncture device for the area where they are buried or placed.


Cloudbusters, popularly known as Chembusters are the most powerful Orgonites. They can be kept pointing towards the sky and connected to a water body thereby manipulating the climate and producing rain. This orgonite helps in ending the drought and saving the crops.Another major function of this Orgonite is to absorb aerosol which is sprayed into the atmosphere. Hence it is also called the chembustersi.e dissolving the chemtrails released into the atmosphere.


Zappers and Power wands:

Theses orgonite devices are used to heal conditions and ailments that even traditional medicine could not.These devices can also be used for distant healing methods and other spiritual intentions.

Pendants and mobile phone shields:

They can be used on an individual level in the form of a necklace for transmuting negative energy to positive energy or for electromagnetic energy protection.

Terminator zapper and T-rex zapper:

This Orgonitehelps stimulate the general well being of the wearer and has healing effects.

As a discovery, Orgonites have proved in every way to be effective catalysts  to mitigate the effects of electromagnetic fields and the deadly human electro smog technology such as the broadcasting towers and the wi-fi towers.



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