Crystals are believed to help one with emotional needs and many see them as powerful tools for specific purposes like setting personal goals. 

Experts say that, using crystals for manifesting abundance can take many different forms. A crystal is a tool, which can help one change life and grow. If you have a block to abundance, if you have limiting beliefs, or whatever traumas you are holding that hold you back, then money will be one of those things that stays away from you. Crystals have a lot of positive energies in them that make them natural healers to many solutions even in today’s times.

Orgonite crystals are crystal choices one can use for many such requirement in various forms which are available for choosing on our online platform such as orgone pyramid products, orgonite dodecahedron products, orgone obelisk, buy orgone necklace, orgonite pendant and crystal bracelets.

Have a look at some of the finest examples of crystals for helping one manifest.


Structural representation is bright blue/green crystal, most commonly found as small tumbled stones.

Known for being a powerful heart chakra stone.

Amazonite as a crystal is for truth-telling, flow, and inspiration. Amazonite is a crystal which helps guide you to share from an inspired and lit up place. It helps to really clarify your message.

For instance, you can tuck a little piece into your clothing or into your pocket if have an important meeting. It really helps you channel that truth-telling flow. People will resonate with you if you’re tapped into your truth. Them, you will definitely feel more abundance in your life.


Structural representation: In nature, it grows in perfect, shiny, gold, squares. 

Properties of this crystal: being a symbol of good luck.

It really is an abundance crystal found in many places. This is a great one if you have a business. You can place it right on your cash register, or inside it. You can keep a small crystal inside your wallet, or your purse, wear it in the form of crystal bracelets. Keeping one in your desk or in your workspace is really great as well because then you’re seeing it as you’re working and creating.


Structural representation: A yellowish color, but they come in different shades.

Known for its monetary abundance and personal power. 

Talking about the crystal on the body, it relates to the third chakra, which is our solar plexus. It resonates with the color of yellow. First thing you can do is put an abundance crystal when you’re meditating on your third chakra. That’s where the seed of how we treat money and think about money lives.


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