What Are Salt Pepper Diamonds??

What Are Salt Pepper Diamonds??

The world has already witnessed the use of large diamonds as the centre stone in an engagement ring for centuries now. However, there is a new form of gemstone which has emerged as the new phenomenon in the modern world – Salt & Pepper Diamonds.
These diamonds formed below the Earth’s surface billions of years ago. Traditionally, these gemstones were deemed less desirable than white diamonds. However, modern brides are now embracing these new diamonds instead of the traditional ones.
The phrase “salt and pepper” refers to a diamond that has a mix of many black & white inclusions, giving the stone a silky gray & speckled look. Inclusions are the small imperfections inside a diamond & nearly all diamonds have them.
However, the inclusions in salt and pepper diamonds are more plentiful and more noticeable compared to the “pure” diamonds. These inclusions create the black and white marks that give salt and pepper diamonds their name and unique appearance.
These diamonds have a wild yet simplistic appearance. Their smokey and modern look has become more common among those who want a ring that stands out from the crowd and doesn’t conform to the status quo.
However, these diamonds do not sparkle as much as their cousins because less amount of light is refracted through them. These diamonds come in different shapes and sizes just like pure diamonds. However, most of the salt & pepper diamonds feature a rose cut, which is a timeless shape dating back to the 1500s.
Salt and pepper diamonds offer a dynamic alternative to traditional white diamonds. Moreover, these diamonds are also rife with symbolism. The inclusions distinguish a ring by adding additional characteristics to the design.
The imperfections also provide a sentimental metaphor for marriage. Besides, the salt and pepper diamonds are less costly than the traditional worn “pure” diamonds.
No two diamonds are identical & salt and pepper are no exception. The diversity in salt & pepper diamonds helps to provide additional character to your engagement ring.
There is a virtually unlimited array of different salt and pepper gradients, varying from otherwise clear diamonds with a few minor marks to diamonds that are almost black. Compare the differences between stones and trying on the rings is the best way to choose the ring you love the most.

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