What are Tower Buster Orgonites

March 17, 2019

What are Tower Buster Orgonites

To understand Tower Buster Orgonites, let us first comprehend orgonites; Orgonites are substance made of resin, metals, and quartz that help in the protection of harmful electromagnetic pollution (EMF). The main function of orgonites is to accumulate and spread positive energy called “Orgone”. It is said to be the best thing for gifting purpose as it indicates living a balance and harmonizes life.

There are two types of orgonite, Field orgonite& Tactical orgonite. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Don Croft invented three types of field orgonite for environment healing purpose at individual level Tower Busters (TB), Holy Hand Grenades (HHG), and Earth Pipes.  In this blog, we will elaborate only on Tower Buster Orgonites.

Tower Buster Orgonites

Tower Busters (TB’s) are small orgonite devices that local convert negative orgone into positive orgone. They are first-line of defense in taking back the energy of the earth and stopping the Deadly Orgone (DOR) energy from being propagated through cell/death towers. It is said that round shaped TB is one of the softest for the flow of fluids and waves.

Uses of Tower Buster Orgonites

  1. TB’s are the most effective way of cleaning the environment from electrical radiation
  2. TB can also be used to grid your home, property & community
  3. TB’s extremely useful in harmonize and cleaning the energies of a place

Best place to keep Tower Buster

If a person lives in a city, near an industry, near Mobile towers, or near power plants, power lines, etc, will need a Tower Buster more. Most of the Tower Buster are generally placed near mobile towers or any other device causing EMF. At home, tower boaster can be placed

  1. Near TV, computer, WiFi router, cell phone, a smart meter that produces DOR
  1. Near the main inlets of water, gas, and electricity to your house. Orgonite will help in restructuring their energies.
  2. In the bedroom, one can keep it near your bed for sounder sleeps and more vivid dreams.
  1. In the garden, where plants simply love orgone energy and seem to thrive on it.
  1. In the car, one canplace in the trunk as it is close to the petrol tank

 Making of Tower Buster Orgonites

The basic recipe for making Tower Buster Orgonite requires polyester resin, metal shaving & crystal (preferable quartz) & moulds.

Step 1: Place the crystal at the center of the mould

Step 2: Now add metal shaving to the mould, leave some space above.

Step 3: Mix Resin with a hardener for 1 or 2 minutes. Then pour this mixture into the mould.

Step 4: Allow setting until the resin has hardened with the help of sunlight

Step 5:  Take your TB Orgonite out of the mould.

Congrats! You just made your first TB Orgonite


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