What Everyone Must Know About Crystal Acupuncture

What Everyone Must Know About Crystal Acupuncture

Crystal acupuncture has a greater advantage over regular acupuncture because of a number of reasons. In crystal acupuncture, regular steel needles are poked into the skin & then electrodes are hooked to the needle to give you impulses along the meridian.
However, the soothing effect of this acupuncture does not last for more than a day or two because the regular acupuncture does not help you transform on an emotional level.
Acupoints are like pores on your body and you cannot miss one. Traditional acupuncturists use various meridians listed as liver, spleen, heart, lung, etc.
In crystal acupuncture, the meridians are minutely close to one another and there are hundreds of such meridians that run throughout the skin, deeper tissues and bones that include the nervous system.
A healer’s hand generates energy which, when passed through the crystal stone, forces compressed energy to find its way around the molecules of various compounds in the stone.
This amplifies the healer’s energy, which shoots out at the points and passes not only along the meridians of the body but also disperses energy from the five bodies that make up the human aura.
The technique to use an energy crystal for acupuncture involves identifying the right amount of stone from the wide variety of crystals. You can use the following stones if you wish to practice crystal acupuncture – Clear quartz, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, and Amethyst.
Once the right stone is identified, you have to cut it to a point having at least 6 sides. The more sides a stone has, the more powerful a crystal becomes. Holding the point on the skin besides bones & ligaments will send energy to not only the whole physical body but throughout the spiritual body as well.
The combination of crystals and acupuncture has the potential to treat radical treatments. You can even do this therapy on your own as there are many sellers out there who sell cut crystals.
Use the crystals that suit you as often as you like and you will no longer feel changes. Then put that crystal aside and find another crystal. Remember, energy crystals are always there to help you out. If only you know how to use them.

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