What Is A Dreamcatcher And How Does It Work?

What Is A Dreamcatcher And How Does It Work?


Dreamcatchers are beautiful and magical. They're also a Native American tradition that has been used for centuries. This article will explore everything you need to know about dreamcatchers, including their history and how they work!

What is a dreamcatcher?

A dreamcatcher is a handmade object that's traditionally used by Native Americans. It consists of willow and other materials like feathers, beads, or wool thread. The dreamcatcher is hung above your bed to catch bad dreams--the good ones pass through the hole in the middle of it.

The dreamcatcher originated with Ojibwe people (also known as Chippewa) who lived in what is now Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan during pre-colonial times. This tradition has been passed down generationally from one family member to another over time until today when they can be purchased at stores such as Walmart or Target for around $25 USD each depending on their size!

What are the different types of dreamcatchers?

There are many different types of dreamcatchers. You can find them in homes, on cars, and even hanging from trees. Dreamcatchers are typically made from willow or other natural materials but they can also be made out of plastic and metal.

A dreamcatcher is used to protect you from bad dreams while you sleep and allow positive energy into your life when awake. It acts as a filter between the spiritual world and the physical world so that only good things come through its center hole (the spider web). If there is no hole present in your dreamcatcher then it will not work properly!

How does a dreamcatcher work?

The dreamcatcher is a Native American tradition. It's used to help people have good dreams and bad dreams.

The way it works is that you put it over your bed, but it catches all of your nightmares in its netting so they can't get into your head. The good ones fly through the holes and into your mind!

Dreamcatchers are a Native American tradition that has been used for centuries.

Dreamcatchers are a Native American tradition that has been used for centuries. They're believed to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams, but how do they work?

Dreamcatchers are made of willow, sinew (a type of plant fiber) and feathers. They're hung above the bed to catch bad dreams as they fly through the air at night. The good dreams then slip through the holes in the webbing into your head while you sleep! Dreamcatchers have been around since before Europeans arrived on Turtle Island (the indigenous name for North America). In fact, their origin dates back over 10 000 years ago when humans first migrated into North America from Asia via two different routes: one via Siberia; another via Beringia - an ice-free land bridge that once connected Alaska with Siberia during glacial periods between 50 000 - 15 000 years ago (before rising sea levels flooded much of what is now known as "Beringia").

History of the dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers were first used by the Ojibwe people. They were a symbol of protection and good luck, but they also had practical uses. The hoop at the top was designed to catch bad dreams, which would then get tangled in the webbing and fall through to the bottom of the dreamcatcher where they could be destroyed by sunlight or fire.

Dreamcatchers have been popularized in modern culture thanks to their appearance in movies like Dances With Wolves (1990) and Pocahontas (1995), as well as more recent television shows like Supernatural and Stranger Things 2.

How to make your own dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher is a Native American tradition that has been passed down through generations. It's made out of willow hoop, feathers, beads and trinkets. The idea behind them is that they will protect your dreams from nightmares by catching them in their web-like structure before they can reach you in bed.

Here are the steps to making your own:

  • Get some string or yarn--you'll need it to tie everything together at the end!

  • Make sure all your materials are ready (feathers, beads etc). You may want to get creative here so have fun with it!

  • Make a circle out of your string with a small opening in the center.

  • Add your feathers to the outside of your circle. You can use as many or as few as you want!

  • Now add some beads and trinkets to decorate it if you'd like.

Dreamcatchers are beautiful and magical.

Dreamcatchers are beautiful and magical.

Dreamcatchers are a Native American tradition that is believed to protect the sleeper from bad dreams. The dreamcatcher is made from a willow hoop, feathers and beads. The dreamcatcher is hung over the bed at night so that only good dreams can enter through the center hole, while bad dreams become entangled in its webbing and are trapped inside.


I hope that you enjoyed learning about dreamcatchers and how they work. I know that this is a topic that can be confusing, but I hope that by reading this post you have gained a deeper understanding of the history behind these beautiful pieces of art. Dreamcatchers are not just something you hang in your room to look pretty; they hold deep meaning behind them as well.

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