What Is Electromagnetic Sensitivity? Natural Ways To Prevent Electromagnetic Sensitivity

What Is Electromagnetic Sensitivity? Natural Ways To Prevent Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Electromagnetic sensitivity is a disorder that some people suffer from continuous exposure to radiation that is emitted by certain devices, and that causes physical and emotional health problems.

The electromagnetic sensitivity syndrome is a disorder experienced by some people after prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields, which are constituted by radiation from mobile phones, high - voltage lines, wireless networks and appliances, and from whose emissions the rest of the population go completely unnoticed. Sometimes these electromagnetic radiation causes some people a series of physical symptoms, and even emotional (sadness and depression), which interfere with the normal development of their lives.

What can we do?

Fighting against the low frequencies of electrical stations and transformers or against the high frequencies of nearby mobile phone antennas may seem like a Herculean task, but it is not a lost battle.

Here are some natural ways to prevent EMS (electromagnetic sensitivity)

  • Small appliances: The alarm clock makes sleeping at night time difficult because it incorporates some electronic parts that generate a strong electromagnetic field. In fact, no appliance should be turned on in the bedroom, and should not be near the head, because it interferes with the cell of the bodys. The electric razor, hair dryer, blender and powered devices create very high fields. The alternative to the dryer is the one with the motor attached to the wall, as in hotels.
  • Home appliances: In the case of the dryer and the washing machine, the fields reach three meters away, so you have to move them away from places where you spend more time. With the glass ceramic and the induction plates, powerful radiation is received at waist height; therefore, pregnant women should be very careful. Microwave ovens are required to include a shield, but they can still let out radiation. If we use them, we must be at least two meters or even leave the kitchen.
  • Tablets and laptops: They are almost always connected to the Internet and you have to keep them away from the body, never on the knees or near the stomach or testicles, as they cause male infertility and alterations in the ovaries. Pregnant women should be doubly prudent. Keep mobile phones, tablets and laptops away from the body. The safest thing is to discard the Wi-Fi modem and use Ethernet cables. In the case of turning it on, you have to move away at least two meters. Obstacles such as walls or furniture hinder the propagation of high frequencies but do not impede it.
  • Screens and lighting: Flat screen televisions generate lower fields than tube ones, but even so, it is better to move them away at a minimum distance of 50 cm. The computer tower should be separated one meter from the chair. In terms of lighting, halogen bulbs with non-toroidal transformers or fluorescent bulbs with reactance and transformer generate strong radiation and should not be used as floor or table lamps.
  • Electronics devices. Children should not use the mobile phone and should not be nearby, because they absorb 50% more radiation and microwaves penetrate their brain more easily.
  • Electrical wiring: The electrical wiring must be placed underground, not on the surface or on the roof. The cables, strips and extensions that we use must be shielded and should be avoided placing near the head of the bed nears. The walls where the beds' rest should be free of cables.


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