Why Do Crystals Affect Everyone Differently?

Why Do Crystals Affect Everyone Differently?

Why Do Crystals Affect Everyone Differently?

Crystal healing is a healing practice based more on ancient passed on information and less on exact science. This means that it can work or not work for you immensely. There are so many variables about a crystal that either make it or not make it compatible for an individual.

Sometimes getting a crystal is as easy as just getting a pendant made and keeping it close to you at all times, and it works like a charm. Other times, you could get a big lump of uncut crystal and perform all kinds of rituals with it to bind it to you, but it doesn’t seem to work at all. In such a case, you need to be reading this blog post.

Anyone who has figured out the whole crystal healing game will brag about how crystal healing is the epitome of self-healing, and how it has changed their lives, etc. All the hype around how great crystals are can make you mindlessly collect shiny rock after shiny rock, and to no avail.
Healing Crystals
It is one of the most disappointing things when you let yourself all victim to the hype, and it blows up in your face when it doesn’t work. So is it because crystals don’t work? Or are you not a crystal person, like some people are vegans, and some people don’t like people of their opposite gender like most people?
The solution to this problem is straight up. Maybe start with managing your expectations a little. Many people, when they hear all this talk about how crystals are all the rage when it comes to energy healing, they expect to feel jolts of energy surging through their bodies, like a warm, or cold, or a tingly feeling as soon as they touch the crystal. It doesn’t work like that, unfortunately.

Crystals to be compatible with someone need a lot of variables going their way. There’s what element one relates to, their birth month, zodiac sign, what chakras do they mostly associate themselves with, what intent they want to manifest from crystal healing, etc.

Another argument against this matter is the fact that people don’t like to wait for things to happen. You need to create some space between you and your crystal and give it some time for the relationship between the two of you to come to fruition. Sometimes you have to let your intuition and the unseen energies take center stage and do their thing.
The thing between your ears is what connects with the crystal regarding all the energy and vibrations. So maybe people tell you how well crystals work for them. When it comes to yourself, take your time, try things, and don’t expect too much! The healing will happen.

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