Why Groundingis important for human beings?

Always remember, your focus determines your reality


Grounding in the human body is concentrating on two main agendas, bringing your awareness to your body and physical reality, and connecting with the earth and nature. When a person is grounded he/she is fully present in the body, and in the present moment.

 When we spend a lot of time engaged with technology or performing activities that use a lot of brain power or if we often engage the higher chakras in spiritual practices, than we can get grounded in our heads. When we over use our technology for a very long period of time and our minds are away from our physical selves, then once you are done working on the computer and try to connect back with  your spirit, you may find yourself a little spaced out. Grounding is the process of restoring equilibrium by connecting with your current physical environment, and the earth.


EVERYONE can benefit from grounding! But especially if you are someone who is sensitive to energy, you may require it even more so. If you work in a profession where you are directly involved with a lot of other people, if you spend many hours on the computer, or if you do any type of energy work, implementing grounding routines into your everyday life could really improve your wellbeing for the better. 


Being grounded is all about being centred, balanced and connected with the Earth’s energy

There are many ways to get grounded, generally the rule of thumb is that if it brings you into the present moment, or gets you out of your thinking mind, and into your body it is a grounding activity.

More specifically there is something called earthing, which is when you make direct contact with the surface of the earth so as to obtain a charge of energy that quickly alleviates any negative symptoms you may be experiencing.


YES, you heard it right. Crystals help in grounding…! Crystals are an excellent source of grounding energy because they are a physical reminder of your intentions.

You may be thinking to yourself, how do I choose from these grounding crystals? Which one is the right one for me? When choosing which crystal to use, trust your intuition. We cannot stress this enough! Everyone will vibe with different crystals. They will feel different to everyone. If you are shopping for grounding crystals in person, study about which one is the right one and then choose. If you are shopping for grounding crystals online on our platform at Orgonite Crystals, choose the one that you are visually attracted to the most. Many times one will stand out to you immediately, this is the one for you!

  • Eat nutritious healthy meals, mainly foods that grow in the earth
  • Walk barefoot on the earth surface
  • Swimming
  • Gardening
  • Spend some time in the nature
  • Exercising, dancing, yoga, biking, movement of any kind
  • Listing things you presently take in from your environment with your physical senses
  • Placing your hands onto a tree
  • Meditations
  • Wearing grounding crystals
  • Working with grounding crystals

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