Gemstone 7 Chakra Oval Set

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. Traditionally, there are seven major Chakras associated with the physical body. Some Natural Powerful Gemstone represents them and they are Organized below :

★Root Chakra - Red Jasper

★Sacral Chakra - Red Carnelian

★Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow Aventurine

★Heart Chakra - Green Aventurine

★Throat Chakra - Lapis Lazuli

★Third Eye Chakra - Blue Aventurine

★Crown Chakra – Amethyst

Let’s have a look over the healing Properties of Chakra Gemstones :

Stress Relief- Red Jasper has healing properties that used to alleviate stress and ground an individual. This lovely crystal also eliminates negativity and soothes nerves to restore all balance.

Self-Healing Stone- Red Carnelian represents the Sacral Chakra which can help alleviate negative addiction, harness your sensuality and creativity.

 Luck Stone - Yellow Aventurine is called the “Luck Stone," bringing forth good fortune and new opportunities. Also optimizing your personal growth.

Heart Ailment- Green Aventurine represents Heart Chakra and used for heart-related ailments and emotional issues. Also used to cure your allergies, sleep disorders, immunity and to regulate your blood pressure.

Protection Stone- Amethyst is associated with many legends regarding its use for sobriety and addiction. This stone is a Protective stone that Protects from the all surrounding negative entities and enemy.

Inner Power- Lapis Lazuli has energy that can bring inner power and hope. Also build courage, confidence, and overcome shyness.

★Wherever you place these 7 Chakra Crystal Gemstone- keep the air and life force clean and stimulate positive energy surrounding.★