Orgone Green Jade Healing Pendant
Orgone Green Jade Healing Pendant
Orgone Green Jade Healing Pendant
Orgone Green Jade Healing Pendant
Orgone Green Jade Healing Pendant
Orgone Green Jade Healing Pendant

Orgone Green Jade Healing Pendant

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Green Jade Charged Crystal – Provide your spirit protection from negative energy and opportunity for growth while wearing this chakra gemstone necklace pendant around your neck! This natural healing crystal will provide you the strength and power you need to heal yourself and live a life of happiness, wellness, luck, and prosperity.

Natural & Real Gemstones –Your beautiful green jade necklace is carved and designed from genuine and authentic crystal gemstones. This ensures you will be receiving real metaphysical and spiritual benefits from your pendant.

Love & Nurturing – All throughout eastern culture history, the green jade crystal gemstone has been used to strengthen energy systems and heal hearts. It provides the wearer with the ability to forgive, love, and be vulnerable without any inhibitions. ⚡ Metaphysical Energy – Improve your wisdom, emotional balance, and confidence while wearing this pendant. This charged crystal will help you build up emotional and spiritual energy to be ready for anything life throws at you.

Handmade in India – We have hand-polished, carved, designed, and crafted our green jade chakra balancing pendants to ensure that each and every jewelry piece is unique. You will notice the attention to detail and the beauty of the jewelry piece as soon as you see it. Your necklace will be unlike any other in the world.







Handcrafted with Love & Care



It’s time to say goodbye to negative energy and kickstart your day with endless positive energy!


What is Orgone?

Similar to what the ancients have called prana, chi, or universal energy. Orgone is the energy that is present in all life forms including human body. Orgone was first discovered by Wilhelm Reich, a doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst from Austria. He observed orgone as omnipresent, and the basis of all life processes. Orgone energy sorrunds all life forms and flows through the universe. The energy field of human body or aura gets distrupted by electrical smog or Electromagnetic Radiations from cell phones, signal towers, wifi routers and other electronic devices. Postive orgone energy can re-align the human energy field and helps healing and balance of the life force i-e chi or prana.

What is orgonite crystal? Why should I use it?

Orgonite is a mixture of organic and inorganic materials made specifically to attract positive orgone(also known as prana or chi) energy. An Orgnite crystal is a combination of crystals and metal held together with resin. These materials work together as energy generator device. The resin shrinks and compresses the crystal and metal shavings within, resulting in postive energy emmision. Orgnite clears the air arround and neutralizes negative energies such as EMF radiations from electronic products. You really can feel the energy coming forth the orgonite crystals.

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