7 Chakra Layered Gemstone Pendulum

Chakra pendulum believe to heal and saves from all inner negativity. 7 powerful chakra stone open all chakra blocks with divine all possibilities. Specially intend to develop for meditation and stabling mind. Chakra Donut Pendulum spreads positivity within surrounding environment and Protects from harmful negative entities.

❉Amethyst (Purple) - Crown: spiritual connections, enlightenment.

❉Lapis Lazuli (Indigo) - Third Eye: The psychic, intuition, thought.

❉Blue Aventurine (blue) - Throat: communication, expression.

❉Green Aventurine (Green) - Heart: healing, love, acceptance.

❉Yellow Quartz (yellow) - Solar Plexus: life force, power, vitality, ultimate healer.

❉Red Carnelian (Orange) - Sacral: creativity.

❉Red Jasper (Red) - Root: Earth, grounding, survival.

Healing features of our Chakra Pendulum-

PSYCHIC PROTECTION- Amethyst holds (Crown Chakra) that protects from all negative entities and enhance spiritual growth with psychic protection.

7 CHAKRA BALANCING- Chakra Pendulum made with 7 powerful chakra balancing stone that harmonize and balance 7 chakras and cleanse all Chakra Blocks.

SELF HEALING- Yellow Aventurine stone heal/ represents Solar Plexus Chakra that helps to grow your self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem.

POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP- Green Aventurine balance and harmonize Heart Chakra to spread positive relationship all over. Also known as LOVE BOOSTER, HEART HEALING STONE, POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP Promoter etc.

STABLE MIND- Red Jasper represents Root Chakra that Stable, Grounding and Nurture your Unstable body, Mind and Soul.