Orgone Green Jade 7 Inch Healing Point

Orgonite Obelisk helps to filter and balance energy fields in our environment and can aid in strengthening your energy body by converting low frequency energy into a higher frequency that is more beneficial for life forms including yourself, pets and plants.

❖ EVACUATE NEGATIVE ENERGY - Our healing crystal based Orgone Obelisk will absorb all negative unbalanced energy that may be in, or come into your space, and transform it into positive balanced energy, sending it back out into the environment. Also helps other living to grow healthy.

❖ PROTECTS FROM EMF RADIATION - Our Orgone Obelisk Protects from your Cancer causing radiation emitter devices like cell phone, Wi-Fi routers, computer, and network towers other electric devices etc.

❖ HELPS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL - This powerful Green Jade stone will show you that when everything in your life is at peace and in balance, it will be so much easier to manifest and achieve your goals.

❖ OVERCOMING SELF-IMPOSED LIMITATIONS - Jade stone helps to visualize you how you can become more creative and resourceful, and it will encourage you not to be held back by your self-imposed limitations.

❖ BYE TO CHRONIC FRAGMENTED SLEEP - Just set up our Orgone Obelisk Surrounding your sleeping place and say bye to your Fragmented sleep that causes of your Migraines, Headache, Stress etc. Also remedies from CHRONIC nightmares.

❝ Thousands of people have seen their lives change and health improved with orgonite and the movement grows everyday. In being more aware of environment and our health, we can not only restore our health and improve our quality of life, but also one by one, start creating a better world. We believe you are inspired to become part of the Orgone Movement and see what effects you have from this amazing material!❞