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Reiki Gemstone 7 Chakra Layered Healing Pyramid

Seven chakras gemstone pyramid is the structure of perfection that gathers energy from earth and sends it outward. The triangular sides of pyramids represent the mind, body, and soul while the four faces represent the four elements of nature, air, water, fire, and earth.

❉Amethyst (Purple) - Crown: spiritual connections, enlightenment.

❉Lapis Lazuli (Indigo) - Third Eye: The psychic, intuition, thought.

❉Blue Aventurine (blue) - Throat: communication, expression.

❉Green Aventurine (Green) - Heart: healing, love, acceptance.

❉Yellow Quartz (yellow) - Solar Plexus: life force, power, vitality, ultimate healer.

❉Red Carnelian (Orange) - Sacral: creativity.

❉Red Jasper (Red) - Root: Earth, grounding, survival.

Blessing Features of our Chakra Layered Pyramid-

CHAKRA BALANCING- Chakra layered Pyramid infused with 7 powerful natural chakra gemstone all Balances and Cleans your Chakras. Also open all possible chakra blocks.

WILLPOWER BOOSTER- Yellow Quartz represents (Solar Plexus) Chakra that helps to boost your self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem etc.

STABLE MIND- Red Jasper represents Root Chakra that Stable, Grounding and Nurture your Unstable body, Mind and Soul. Also make psychic bridge between you and your surrounding natural environment.

HARMONIZE RELATIONSHIP- Green Aventurine balance and harmonize Heart Chakra to heal broken heart. Also known as positive relationship promoter.

PSYCHIC PROTECTION- Amethyst holds (Crown Chakra) that protects from all negative entities and enhance spiritual growth with psychic protection.

❝Whether you are using a crystal pyramid for MEDITATION, REIKI, MASSAGE, ACUPUNCTURE, HEALING, or charging other gemstones, they are and effective tool to have in your crystal collection.❞